Chapter 1

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Unknown POV

Just as they thought it was getting better things got worse, fast. It has been 3 months and Hayes was still in a life threatening coma. The doctors think that it would be best to just pull the plug since the machines are the only things keeping him alive. His parents always refuse but they still take it under consideration. They don't want to leave their baby but, in reality, he was already gone.

The only think keeping them from not officially ending his life is his wonderful friends that rotate each day for who is going to keep him company in his unconscious state. His girlfriend Ashley only leaves every 3 days to shower and get new clothes and then comes right back. Other than that she has not left his side since she herself was released when her injuries healed.

There is nothing left that anyone can do. Unfortunately, there is only a 10% chance that Mr. Grier will wake up, and then he'll still be stuck here. The hospital just can't hold onto someone for that long with that low of a chance for his survival.

Sam's POV

It has previously been decided that I would visit Hayes in the hospital every Friday. We all say it's to make sure he's ok and talk to him, but in actuality, we go to make sure Ashley hasn't lost her mind and make sure his parents aren't completely crushed. It's been hard going on with our daily lives since the tragic accident. Magcon is over, Nash still hasn't returned to school, Ashley hasn't left that hospital chair. It was all too surreal.

The guys all come every once in a while to catch up and whatnot. I've grown closer to Mahogany, but only because Ashley isn't around. It has been 3 months and we were all still unaware of what to do with our lives without him.

I went home once. It was only for about a week and Cam came with me. Even under the circumstances, my parents insisted on meeting him. We all enrolled in online schooling so we didn't have to go back home until he was well again. That week I went back home, I didn't do much. Cam got to know my family and we caught up for a while. I didn't go see any of my other friends I left behind for my little getaway. I just packed my stuff, packed Ashley's stuff and stayed home for the week, still grieving.

Cameron's parents were kind enough to let us all stay at his place until Hayes got better. Nash just sat in his room all day and cried, only coming out when it was his turn to visit his little brother, or if he just needed to see him. The rest of the Grier family was there as well, but their parents spent all their time at the hospital. Whenever I got bored, I would go play with Skylynn. She always asked to go see Hayes or if he was ok. I still don't have an answer to tell her.

About a month and a half ago, Matt, Carter and Aaron moved into the house too. Now there are more people to help fill the rotation. Every weekend at least 2 of the other boys come to visit, they just can't come to stay. Shawn is going on tour soon too, so he won't be able to say his final goodbyes when the time comes.

Cameron's POV

Today is marked as the 4 month anniversary of Hayes' accident. We were just made aware that the hospital can no longer provide treatment for him. That means we have to let him go today.

Ever since that day I've shut out everyone. Sam tries to talk but I just won't let her in. I want to, I just can't risk losing someone I'm so close to again. I'm an empty shell now, and no one can fill the space.

We all went to the hospital when the were going to turn off the machines keeping Hayes alive. He looks worse than ever, but right now he was alive, and I didn't want to see how bad it would be when he wasn't.

It was strange to have this even occur. No one cried. Everyone knew it was bound to happen from the start. We just stood there for a while, wondering how we were all going to continue our daily lives. I knew I wasn't going to be able to carry on the same way without him. And then, just like that, he was gone.

This is so sad 😭😭😭 it'll get better I swear just hang in there for a few chapters. There will be a lot more going on than in my first story so hopefully you guys can enjoy it more. Be sure to comment and share your opinion so I know what you guys want to read.

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