Chapter 8

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"But if your close your eyes." Pompeii by Bastille

It takes me 25 minutes to get there and I walk in right on time. As I walk through the door, a bell rings as I walk in. A large man in his early 30's walks to the desk in front of me.

"Name," he commands.

"Cody Giovanni. I have an appointment at 2 o'clock."

"Yes. You're name is tight here, Mr. Giovanni. Please have a seat while you wait for Mr. Payne." He goes into a room behind the desk.

That name scares me. It sounds like Dr. Pain, which would not be fun. No fun at all. I sit on the chair the man pointed to and pull out my iPhone. I check the news, hoping that I'm not mentioned. I made a deal with myself that if, and every time, I am mentioned in the news, I change my full name. I've had to change my name 3 times so far. I really don't want to change again. If I change my name again, I need another new driver's license, a new haircut, and a new credit card. Not fun.

Anyway, I'm not mentioned, which means that I can stay as Cody Giovanni. I breathe a sigh of relief.

The man comes back out of the door again. "Right this way, Mr. Giovanni. Mr. Payne is ready for you."

I walk towards him and he beckons me to the door he just came from. It's rather large with a mirror on one wall.

There he is. Dr. Payne. "Welcome to your doom, Mr. Giovanni."

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