chapter four

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blastas pov

my thoughts flit in and out. voices floating here and there like a breeze in this intimate expanse of nothing. I'm alive and I'm dead. I'm there and I'm not. I'm deaf yet I hear everything. I cease to move, to breath, to live.

voices drift in and out like water.

I love you

wake up


I don't know who I am or why I'm here. I know nothing of my location or of the voice that intrudes my epmty resting place. my final destination. my past is a haze and my future is nothing but a fleeting thought. a possible. a maybe. I search for answers only to find more questions.

I know nothing of time, nor date. I'm alone in this dark, in this light in this nothing.

I float on air yet sink in water. spinning but still. my mind driven by my own insanity.

kobras pov.

blastas been in a coma for four months now, slowly wasting away. she mutters sometimes, the incoherent nonsense the only sign of her life. party doubts she'll awake, the others agree. all I can do is sit and pray that shell wake up.

party's pov.

my brother is in a state like I've never seen him, he ceases to eat or wash and I hear him mutter away into the night. I doubt he'll go on without blasta. I doubt I'd be able to go on witgout him.

blastas pov.

finaly it comes. nothing but a memory but something still. something other that this twisted insanity that is my current placement in.existence.

"kobra I love you" he opens his mouth to reply when I cut him off "goodbye" he looks confused as I spin us both round so the guns pointed at me, as I lean up to press my lips to his in one last goodbye see the other six, tears in their eyes as I lean up, pressing my lips to his just as the Ray hits me, pain ebbing through me as I

fall to the ground, the last thing I see, kobras open mouth and shocked, horrified eyes.

that's when I remember everything, hitting me in a tidal wave of memory. a whole lifetime of thoughts yet only one touches me.



my love.

I sit up. gasping in oxygen, my Lungs crying out for air. my eyes focus and I realise. I'm in some variety of tent, with kobra Sat on the floor next to me, his fface lit up with joy and shock.

"I- I thought you were gone" he cries, tears Welling in his hazel eyes. I shake me head and climb off the mat I'd been sleeping on for the past however long. I clamber onto his lap, nuzzling in, for closeness I've never had. he wraps and arm around me and I look up into his hazel eyes.

"I meant what I said about loving you" I whisper. he stares back down at me, as he inched closer to me, our lips meeting gently as kobra softly kisses away the pain.

"I see blasta is awake" I hear the voice of party and look up at the smiling killjoy.

"why are you so happy?" I Question "I nearly got your brother killed by a drac"

"because you make my brother happy" states the killjoy as he turns away. I see a scowling lady l in the background who stalks after her husband.

"he's right you know. you are my happieness" kobra whispers, I smile and cuddle into him, finally happy

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