Geting past the most terrible loss

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Gemma's POV

Harry has non-stop talked about Talia. "and the way she smiles is just so perfect oh and how she laughs at my jokes." he rambles on. "you must really like her." I smile at him. "yeah." he smiles. the there was a light knock on the door. "that must be talia." he says. he goes to open the door and I see a heartbroken girl. "hey baby, are you okay." he asks her. aww that was too cute. "no, my bestfriend died." she crys harder.he hugs her and motions her into the house. "harry do you want me to leave or something?" I ask him. "no, you just got here."he tells me. "okay, well tell me if either of you need anything." I say. he nods. "could you make her some tea?" he asks me. I nod.

Harry's POV

"baby, I'm soo sorry." I tell her pulling her in for another hug.

"I just wish she didn't have to go from something so terrible. I loved her like my sister." She cries into my chest. "Babe, i love you, i will help you get through this." she nods. "Um, harry, the tea is done." Gemma says. I nod and take talia into the kitchen. "Thank you Gemma." talia says to my sister. "It's no problem. Are you okay?" Gemma asks her. I can tell they're going to get along real well. "Not really. it's real hard when the girl that has been your only friend for 12 years dies." she mumbles. "Well i'm very sorry for your loss." Gemma tells her. "thank you." Talia mumbles.

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