Chapter 5

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Chapter Five

“Okay! Now for you’re very first lesson on time travel!” Griffin smiled happily at me. I cringed, I hope that he’s not serious about this and this stupid prank ends really soon. I’m really tired of it.

“What you are going to do it find a solid object, like a tree or a wall and run towards it. As you run towards it, think of a place in time you want to go. But you have to be super specific where you want to end up or else you could end up on the wrong day and find yourself killed or something.”

Griffin shuddered at the thought before he smiled at me again. “The date I want you to go to is September third of the year 1178. In China in th palace. So imagine the palace in your mind and walking into it on September Third 1178.”

I took in a deep breath; I guess I’m doing this. September third in 1178. There is a palace in China, and I’m going to go there. I kept repeating it to myself in my own head. I’m going to go there.

“Now run directly into that tree.” Griffin instructed.

I must have been drugged because I did it. I ran straight towards that tree. I closed my eyes as I hit full speed and was about to hit it, but I kept running. I opened my eyes and stopped, what just happened? I looked around me and saw that I was no longer in a forest, but rather in what seemed to be a ball room. It was empty and I was the only one in it. I think I just came out of that wall behind me too.

This is weird...

“Griffin?” I whispered. As if on cue, he appeared out of the wall beside me.

He smiled, “oh yay! You made it.”

“Where the hell are we?” I whispered angrily.

“In the palace in China in 1178, September third to be exact.” He smiled proudly, “now c’mon, we’ve got to get ready for the ceremony.”

What ceremony? What was he talking about?

He pulled my by the wrist out of the ball room and threw me into a group of women who looked very happy to see me as they carried me away. Griffin went his own way and I was pulled into another room. It had a bath all set up and warm, because there was steam coming out of it. And it looked like there was a dress hanging up. Was this all supposed to be for me?

Were they expecting us...?

One of the women spoke to me, which surprised me all by itself because apparently I was in China and she could speak English. “My lady, the bath is ready for you and when you are finished we will help you dress for the ceremony.” With that she and the other women left the room. I was alone.

This is so weird. But it’s too real to be a dream and too elaborate to be a prank. I just can’t believe it’s actually happening.

I sighed, might as well get ready for whatever ceremony this is. I pulled my bag off my back and started to undress then pulled out some soap, shampoo and conditioner from my bag, as well as a towel because they didn’t seem to have any laying around. I got into the tub and relaxed, this was nice warm water. Especially after laying on the ground last night and practically rolling around in the dirt all day, this was a nice change of setting.

I mean, she called me a lady! Hell yea I’m a lady!

When I was finished washing myself and my hair, I got out and wrapped the towel around my body. As if on cue, the woman all came back in the room. What... how did they know I was done?

Time travel.

That’s going to be my answer for everything I don’t know. It’s going to just be time travel. After today, that is the only logical reason for anything.

What does x equal? Time travel.

Why are the polar ice caps melting? Time travel.

Perfect answer.

Anyways, the women gave me some undergarments and pushed me behind one of those moveable wall things that I can’t seem to remember the name of. I put them on quickly then went back around where the one woman motioned for me to stand on a little stand thing. The next thing I knew there was fabric being pulled onto me and suddenly I was in a dress.

I almost fell over but two of the woman steadied me as they put some shoes onto my feet then tied my dress so tight I couldn’t breathe properly. After, they sat me down in front of a mirror and started to pull and my hair and do my makeup. I hardly had any time to protest and they were done.

God damn, let me have some breathing space please.

I looked into the mirror and was very surprised, was that me? The makeup they had put on me made me seem older and more mature, if that make any sense. I was impressed. I also had a crown on my head? I think that's what it was.

The dress was lovely too, a nice light purple with a dark blue and some back tied in. I liked it a lot.

The door opened rather forcefully when they were done and some men stepped in. They seemed to be guards or soldiers or something. I feel like I’m in Mulan, this is so cool.

I was told to follow the men and I was lead through the palace then into a large room filled with people. Most saw me and bowed. Why were they doing that? Was it the crown they put on my head? Well, I can act like royalty for one night, it won’t hurt anything.

I was lead to a chair and told to sit down once Griffin gets here. He entered a few moments from the other side if the room and was surrounded by guards as well. He stood in front of the chair beside me and winked at me before sitting down. I sat down as well and no one seemed surprised so I guess I’m doing things right.

Then all the eyes were taken off of Griffin and I as another man wearing a tall crown that was nothing like the ones Griffin and I had on. Everyone bowed for him when he came in and it was hard to see him because he was on the other side of the room from us. This wasn’t a small room either.

I watched as some different things went on and a girl came in then some more things went on and I think I was at a marriage ceremony. After it was over Griffin and I left after the other two important people and we hid in a room filled with scrolls and couches. Griffin sat down and smiled at me to go and sit beside him.

As I sat down I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion, “what was that all about?”

“The Emperor got married!” He said happily, “that was fun wasn’t it?”

I raised my eyebrow at him, “why are we both wearing crowns?”

He laughed, “oh because you and I are king and queens of a country I made up and we are married just for tonight.”

I did two scoots away from him and he laughed even harder, “don’t worry, we are only staying for the night then we are leaving.”

I sighed, “I can hardly breathe in this dress.”

“Well you look really good in it,” he smiled. “Plus it makes you sit upright and not slouch.”

I rolled my eyes, “you’re not very good with compliments.”

He just smiled in return. After about twenty minutes we were invited to have dinner with the Emperor and his new wife. I was so happy because there was more food that just meat and berries to eat.

Then we watched fireworks that were amazing and lead to a room where we got into our pj’s and had to sleep in the same bed. Griffin was happy but I just rolled my eyes. “Any moves you try and I will chop off your balls.” He just laughed in return.

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