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Jackie's POV :

Rehearse. Rehearse. Oh & Rehearse.

That's what I've been doing for the last two days and I'm already dying. I have my dancers now, so I'm pretty happy. They're all chill.

Guy dancers : Jacob (19 years old) Chris (21 years old) and Luke (17 years old) Daniel (19 years old) Bryan (20 years old)

Girl dancers : Karen (18 years old) Linda (17 years old) Maddie (21 years old) Jessie (18 years old)

They're all nice and amazing dancers. But so far we've only learned two dance routines. Which is a lot but not enough considering we need to learn seven routines. And after we learn all the dances we need to learn how to use the stage and test the routines on the stage that is being built. The stage is going to look like Justin's Believe Tour stage. Right now it's a little bit different for the Journals Tour.

I gulped down half of my water bottle and laid in the middle of the dance room, my dancers laughed at me playfully and drank water.

"Do I have to keep going?" I ask Matt, mine and Justin's instructor from Believe and Journals tour.

Matt chuckles. "Yes."

I groan and throw my head on the wooden floor

"I'm going to die." I exasperated

"C'mon Jackie let's start from the top!" Matt yells clapping his hands together

I sigh and crack my neck before starting, I went up front and began do starting as the music started, I sang and danced at the same time. Ryan was recording seeming that's all he does, it is his profession.

- 1 & a half week later -

I rolled my suitcase into my room and sighed as I sat on my bed. After finally learning our dances, finding costumes, and practicing twelve hours a day on the stage we finally got it. And I'm glad to be home. Toby has been texting and calling me non-stop, I think Justin's beginning to get curious. But, I don't need Justin worrying about Toby, not that I care if he cares but I don't need him lecturing me about Toby.

I've learned so much about Toby. He really is a bad boy, but it like it. I've never dated anyone like him before. It's true though, that I'm only using him. I'm only using him to get over Jaden. And so far, it's not working that much. Which sucks.

I laid in bed as my phone beeped.

"Hey, is your dad home? I heard he had an interview or whatever. Skip it and stay home, I'll come over?"

It was Toby.

Another beep.

"I got them, 3 packs"

He was talking about cigarettes, so don't get any ideas. I asked him for cigarettes.

I texted him back

"Alright. I'll see what he says"

Just at the right moment I heard Justin yell to come down.

I run down the stairs into the kitchen where Justin was standing with the guys. Scooter is off with Cody before he comes on tour with us and Pattie is visiting family.

"What?" I ask non-chattily

"Why aren't you ready?" Justin asks sighing

"Ready for what?" I ask pretending to be clueless

"Jackie, my interview." Justin says sighing again

I shrug, "I'll skip it and stay here."

"Alone? I don't think so." Justin shakes his head

I've been adopted by Justin BieberPrzeczytaj tę opowieść za DARMO!