Angee P O V:

Ruby: Oh, hey sugar. What you doin?

Me: Just chilling with my girlfriend, you?

Ruby: Aw, cute. I was just thinking, maybe I should come over to Florida, for just me and you to chill?

Me: Uh, well if you want, what would we do?

Ruby: Whatever you want 😏, joke. But just chill you know, go out places?

Me: Only if I can bring my girl.

Ruby: Uh, yeah. That'll be cool. I guess.

This should be fun.

India P O V:

''Shit, I'm full.'' I groaned, rubbing my stomach.

''You ready to leave?'' He laughed, standing up. ''-yeah, let's go.''

As we trotted back to the car, I noticed some older fellas who weren't parked too far away from us. They were the loud, annoying sort of crowd you don't wanna be around unless you're friends.

''Hey, I see you sexy.'' One chirped at me. I laughed slightly. ''Hey, fuck off alright, pal?'' Jase growled. ''Baby, don't."' I continued snickering.

''Come on she can do better then you, she wants a big man, not no little boy.'' He laughed.

''Look, I'm sure he's bigger than you.'' I laughed, opening the car door. ''Oh, mami got mouth, too huh?''

''Indeed she do, and if you don't shut the fuck up, she'll show you she got fists too.''

They all burst into laughter, ''Forget them.'' Jase whispered, holding my door open. ''No, hold up, they wanna laugh? I'll give them something to laugh about.''

I strutted over to the one who was attempting to flirt and starred at him, ''You still wanna talk, big man?'' I scoulded.

''Da fu-'' I swung my fist right into his nose. ''I said, do you still wanna talk?'' I spat over him as he yelped on the floor, covering his nose.

Suddenly I felt an arm grab me from behind, I flipped them over my back and twisted his arm so it was locked and kicked him in the back, causing him to slide.

"Come on." Jason grabbed me, dragging me back to the car. ''You motherfuckers come at me, I'll fucking kill you all. TEST ME, BITCH.'' I screamed, kicking and trying to punch my way out of his arms.

''India, get in the car.'' He demanded, pushing me into the passengers side. I panted as I sat back and tried to console myself. He walked around and got in, "calm down." He chuckled slightly.

I shrugged, "-don't fuck with me, just don't fuck wit' me, you know?"

He glared at me for a moment.
"Damn, you sexy as hell when you mad." He said, placing his lips on mine and kissing the dear life out of them.

"baby, stop." I snickered.

"Home or beach?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Beach, it'll be boring with Jacob and his girlfriend."

He nodded as we started to cruise off, "FUCK Y'ALL." I yelled as we drove past, putting up my middle fingers and spitting in their direction. "Remember who the fuck I am, India Collins. Nearly got yo' ugly ass beat down by a 17 year old, teach your ass for being a pervert, you asshole." I yelled.

I sat back in my seat and sighed, "What a bunch of
cunts." I sighed, putting my hair into a messy pony tail.

Around 40 minutes later and we was here.

I slipped off my shoes and socks, leaving them in the car. I rolled up my leggings and waited on him to finish locking up. He took my hand as we begun to stroll down the shore. It was late and dark which made it even better. Less people, less noise.

"It feels good to actually walk down the beach with just the sound of the sea." I said, looking up at him.

"It does.'' He smiled.

He cleared his throat and stopped in his tracks, grasping my other hand. ''Look, you don't get how much I love you."

"..I-I love you too."

He pushed his fingers through my loose strands of hair, "I'll make sure nothing get's between us, alright?" He said. ''Okay.'' I replied, feeling my cheeks burn from embarrassment.

"No matter what?"

"No matter what."


"Forever, babygirl.''

Angee P O V:

Her numbers blocked, passwords changed, app deleted and all messages and recent calls to her are gone.

So there's no way of them getting in contact.

great, right?


"Hey baby, what you doing?" Jake asked as he walked in. I quickly changed the screen and put it onto another tab.

"Just clothes shopping." I replied, scrolling aimlessly.

He nodded, "well if you need me, I'm gonna be in my room, can I get my phone?" He asked.

"Sure, but um- It was playing up a little, so I put it in the computer to check things and I think I may have accidentally wiped some things off. I'm so sorry, I'm no good with iPhones." I sulked childishly. "I'm sure it's not too bad, don't worry about it.'' He said, picking it up and and walking out.

I scuffed.

So gullible.

Gonna check and see what Ruby wants now.

Ruby: So you're not coming back to NY?

Me: Nah, I'm happy I got outta that place. It was becoming too repetitive.

Ruby: Fair enough. wanna FaceTime?

Me: Can't, my baby wont approve, lol.

Ruby: Approve? Well, I'm sorry miss "approval needed."

Me: yeah approve. I'm dedicated to my girl. So, I do things how she wants them done.

Ruby: Sounds as though she wears the trousers then 😂. I find that pretty controlling, don't you?

Me: Not at all. I like it. It means no bitches can get in the way. You know?

Ruby: yeah, I feel you.

Me: Yeah, so anyways. I'm gonna go, I got more important things to do so, later.

Ruby: Oh, bye then.

I logged off and stored the email and password in my phone, so I wouldn't forget it.

Stupid little girl, she should learn to leave taken boys alone.

Now, time to switch up the game. I'm gonna make a new account, of my good friend..

Grab a few random pictures and be her for a while.

I can taste the tears in my mouth already.

-short one, sorry for typos too. Thanks for reading, truly love you guys 💞.


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