Chapter 23

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Chapter 23:

(Bailey's P.O.V)

It was late next morning and Binky had left me a note telling me she had left to pack for her holiday and that she would see me in a week or two. Its finally got to the holidays and She was off with her family. I walked downstairs to see Liam and Zayn with a few scratched apparently a clan of vampires had tried to get me in the middle of the night and while Niall's clan guarded outside and the Tomlinson clan guarded the inside they all ended up killing them and we were lucky enough not to lose anyone. Louis has made the rule about No contact between me and Niall permanent now because he doesn't want them near me because he doesn't trust him because he was one of the 'bad ones' as Louis explains so apparently i can only see Niall in the day time through the window he's not allowed in the house unless their injured, so that means Niall's not allowed to sneak into my room.

Niall said that even though Louis says that he will still come, but he didn't say that to Louis. Louis is still a bit pissed that i snuck Niall in threw my window. I sometimes wished i didn't feel anything towards Niall because it would be less troubling for me and him, but i love him. I ran into the kitchen which was strangely empty and opened the top cupboard. I couldn't reach the pop tarts in the top shelf and i was really struggling. I groaned getting annoyed then i felt someone grab my waist and lift me up. I was startled at start grabbing the pop tarts then i recognized those hand soft and gentle one name ran through my mind.... Niall. I turned to him. "Niall you shouldn't be here you would get into so much trouble if we were caught" I whisper yelled hitting his arm. He smirked, pushing me against the side. "Nice to see you too " He smiled his eyes were slightly red. He's hungry. Oh great. "Niall are you hungry" I asked him shakily. "Ye more than ever" He chuckled moving towards my neck. "There's blood bags in the fridge" I whispered in his ear. His head was in the crook of my neck. He growled when i said that. "Niall, if your that hungry you can have a quick drink but be careful i allow you" I whispered in his hear quietly. I felt him smile against my neck.

He kissed across my neck looking for where he was going to bite he grazed his teeth across my neck before stopping and sinking his fangs in. I gasped. I was lucky that the boys were out hunting. He started to drink and i wrapped my arms around his neck. He moved closer and kept drinking. Then i heard a gasp and a loud growl. I looked up to see Ashton he looked pissed. He ran over ripping Niall off me. He grabbed Niall by the neck pushing him against the wall. "What the hell do you think you're doing" Ashton screamed. Niall looked angry he growled grabbing Ashton By his neck and pushing him against the wall, "I have her blood in me don't think about fighting me" Niall whispered. He growled turning around. His eyes were red , his veins around his eyes popping out his fangs bared and covered in blood. my blood. Fear showed in my eyes as he made his way towards me. He stood in front of me looking in my eyes. His eyebrows furred. "You're scared" He stated. I nodded. He looked hurt. He went to turn around but i grabbed his wrist. "Don't look at me when i look like this I'm so ugly" He whispered. Blood was slightly leaking from the wound on my neck. I put my hand on his face. "You will never be ugly not to me not ever" I whispered. His features turned back to normal. We started leaning in when the front door opened. We pulled away quickly and niall ran in vampire speed out of the house. I ran to Ashton who was knocked out on the floor. I heard the boys run through the door. "Bailey what happened" Michael shouted running to Ashton who was just coming out of unconsciousness. "N-nothing happened" i said covering my neck with my hair. Louis and harry ran over to me turning me around. Looking at me. Harry tried to move my hair but i wouldn't let him.

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