Chapter Three

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Chapter Three)

I was sitting and watching Countdown when I heard a knock at the door. O had left almost an hour ago, and she had given me one last invitation to join her. I replied that I might be up in a couple of hours, but I had no clue where to go. I got up off of the sofa, and pulled myself towards the door, and there in the doorway, was Jay.

“Hey mate, how are you doing?” He asked, as he pushed his way into my dorm, and sat himself down on the sofa. He looked at the TV, grunted, and then turned it down. “Why are you watching countdown? Shouldn’t you be doing shots or getting laid?” He asked, laughing.

“Hmm, I don’t think so,” I replied, and sat next to him. He faced me, but then looked around the dorm.

“’Pretty hurts’?” He said with confusion. “Who the hell do you live with?”

“Oh, I live with a girl named O.” I said, and he turned to me with wide eyes.

“You live with a girl?! That’s damn cool! I live with Marcus, my new gay best friend. I’m telling you, I’d go gay for that guy. Only him though, you know, not to offend you or anything, but you’re not my type.” He was giggling like a little school girl. “So, how is this O then? She hot?”

“Yeah, she is hot. Well, not hot, more like beautiful.”

“Huh, gay.” He mumbled under his voice, and then laughed some more.

“What she into?” He asked, then looked around. “Hmm, Disney and art. Not usually my type, but you know, a guy can learn.”

“Yeah, she works in a bar called Barney’s or something?” I said, and then he hopped up in his seat.

“That’s what I came over for! I came to invite ya to accompany me and gay Marcus to go there. It is fresher’s week after all.” Jay smiled and I laughed.

“Yes, I would like to come,” I replied and he clapped his hands together. “Do you insist on calling him gay Marcus?” I asked.

“Oh, no, it’s just there is another guy named Marcus I met who lives next door, so he’s fat Marcus, and then we have gay Marcus. It’s simple really.”

“Does he mind being called gay Marcus?” I asked.

“Course not, he loves that nickname!”

“So Barney’s then?” I said and Jay nodded his head in excitement.

“Fucking Barney’s, let’s go!”


O was at the bar when we got there. There was a lot of people in the room, all piled up either by the bar or at their own tables. Jay and Marcus walked in before me (obviously knowing their way around a bit) and they were instantly greeted by a lot of people. I stood at the back, but Jay pulled me into their social circle and introduced me.

“Guys, this is Harry. Absolute player. His dorm he is sharing is with a girl. I like to call him the 4th floor pimp,” Jay laughed, and the big guy next to me nudged my shoulder.

“Ignore him, I do.” He laughed.

“Drink?” the dude next to him asked me, and I nodded, within a second there was a pint of carling in my hand. I laughed at their jokes, it was like I was already in the crowd, like I had already got friends.  I looked towards the bar, and O stood, bent over the bar fetching drinks. She had a black skater skirt on with a white blouse, and I black ribbon tying the top button to the other. She had her hair up, strays hanging beside her heart shaped face, which she kept blowing up, constantly, sticking her bottom lip out and then forcing air out of it. I could almost hear her whistle when she did so. She walked around, her outfit looking distorted with her purple converse on. She picked up glasses, giggled with the other costumers and every few minutes would stop dead on the spot, for 4 seconds and then keep walking.

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