Dream in Santa Monica ~Chapter 37~

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After driving around Santa Monica for the afternoon, me and George decide to stop for dinner, but the whole entire time I couldn't get fact off my mind that I'm the third wheel between Bailey and Isla. But once George makes me laugh, It makes me forget all the bad things that are going on.
That's why I love him...
For dinner we decided to go to Panera Bread. It isn't much for our first dinner date, but at least it's something. When we sit down at our table and wait for our food to come, I see a little girl -about seven or six years old- coming towards me and George. She was blonde and she had green eyes, she smiles and says; "Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?"
I laugh. "Yes. This is my boyfriend"
The little girls face lights up "Well, your a very pretty girl! And your boyfriend must be lucky!"
George smiles then puts his arm around my shoulder and kisses me on the cheek.

After about a half hour of dinner and talking to George, I found out a lot of stuff about him: he loves video games, wrestling and tennis. But of course, all boys love video games!
As we get in the car and head out to find a hotel, I became so tired so I decide to sleep until we find a hotel. As a drift off to sleep, I come across a flashback. Back in the fall,

I was running in the woods, tears filling my eyes, running away from what was holding me back from being free. My family. I was stopped by a branch I tripped over. I did not get up I just lay there. Motionless. With tears filling my eyes I've came to realization, what is my life worth right now? But then comes along, a sprinkle of hope. The person who has been there for me all this time. George. He picks me up and presses his lips into mine, the kiss getting heavy and sweet. But then a tall boy, wearing all black comes towards us pushes George to the ground and throws me against the tree. He comes towards me and whispers in my ear "Their too late." I look at him in confusion.
What's happening? I think to myself. But before I can even think the man starts kissing my neck.... I can't wake up.

!!!!!!warning sexual content ahead!!!!!!!

Then the man starts to take his jeans off. Nervously I attempt to look over and see if George was still unconscious. And he was.
The man starts to rip my clothes off and whispers in my ear "It will only hurt a bit sweetie."
I scream loud.
But no one can hear me.
It is too late.
The man slowly kisses me on my lips then goes down to insert himself in me.
I scream again in pain.
No one could hear me.
Suddenly and finally I am shooken awake. I'm trembling and sobbing.
It was a dream.
I was raped.......
By an old friend of my ex boyfriend...

George rips off his seatbelt and opens the door and takes me out and squeezes me tight.
"Shhh.... Baby it's okay I'm here. Now let's go inside the hotel. Get you some coffee okay?"
I nod, still sobbing.

What the Hell happened....

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