Better Than That

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Sehun- Fluffy

Today was lazy day, everyone needs a lazy day. But it was and even better lazy day becaause you got to spend it with your boyfriend, Sehun. You put on a big sweater and a pair of spandex, which the huge sweater covered on your petit body frame. The doorbell rang, you lazily walked over to get it even though you were excited for him to be here. You opened the dorr and secconds later somone grabbed you and spun you around hugging you tightly. "Yah~ Sehun oppa. Put me down!" You giggled.
"Not until I get a kiss...." you lowered your head down from your higher position and sweetly kissed his lips, only for a few secconds.
"Fine, i'll put you down....." he lightly placed you down. You looked at him. He was in sweatpants and a tshirt with a hoodie and some sneakers.
"Rockin' the sweats..." you said while nidging him.
"Well, at least I have pants on..." he smiled and you teased.
"Well then I guess i'll go put some on....." you said while walking to your room.
"NO! It's okay.... I was kidding...." he said while lowering his voice. You smiled and walked backk over to him. You wraped your arms around his neck. He looked down to you, and you looked up. You put your foreheads together, and smiled. You were so lucky to have him. He was the sweetest..... no one would ever compare to him. He thought the same and even more about you. All of a sudden he lifted you up, bridal style then walked over to the couch. He sat down wiht you in his lap and gave a goofy smile.
"Todays lazy day... right?" You smiled and pinched his cheeks.
"Of course Hunnie~" you pulled the blanket ontop of both of you and started the movie, with you still on his lap. You heard his heart beating. You sat up and kissed him. Without warning, then sat back down. His heart was beating a little faster then before. *So I do make his heart race...* you thought.
"Y-N, what was that?" He asked putting his hand on your arm.
"'Cause I love you... a lot...." you said not looking at him in the eyes. "Oh, yeah I forgot... I got a couple cups of bubble tea.... i'll go get it... I know it's your favorite~" you were about to stand up but he pulled you back down, giving you a shock. He suddenly kissed your lips, passionatley. You were still suprised but soon enough you gave in. He quickly pulled away, once again leaving you in shock.
"That was payback... and bubble tea isn't my favorite... you should know that!" He said while cutley pouting.
"Well then what is? Is it Luhan?" You said while poking his toned chest.
"Yah~ stop bringing that up... it only happened once.... but it better than that..." you thought and thought. And thought again. You really couldn't think of anything besides his family,
"your family?" He sighed,
"Y-N of course I love my family, but you... you are my favorite. My favorite thing in the whole wide world. The thing I treasure more than bubble tea and Luhan." You giggled at his chesy yet so uterly adorable confession. He smiled too and wraped his arms around your waist. You turned to face him, grabbed his neck and kissed him. He leaned back suprised from your sudden action but soon kissed back. You pulled away quickly, leaving him in shock.
"Thank you sehun.... your my favorite to... you know, next to Chanyeol.... his ears are so cute~" you made pinching motions in mid air while he sat there witha poker face.
"Yah~ Y-N, how could you say that...." he said while pouting.
"AWW~ Sehun.... don't worry, I love you more." You said while kissing him. He smiled into the kiss, that was soon getting ddeeper and more passionate.  You kissed the corner of his lips then his cheeks, up to his ear. "Sehun, your the best, the one for me. Don't ever leave, becuase.... your better than Chanyeol.... and I love you."

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