Bree: Who was that?

Me: I have no idea

Bree: What do you mean you have no idea?

Me: Like I just said Bree I have no idea it was a blocked number

Aja: Well what did he or she say?

Me: It was a she and she said don't trust Jacquees and don't let him play you like he did me

Kionna: It was probably just some groupie fan that got to his phone  now come on let's run the routine one more time

Bree: Now what kind of fan would say some shit like that if they don't even know you and Que are going out?

Me: Yeah she does have a point

Aja: Yeah you Jacquees kept yall shit on the down low like yall got of his hans and our fans clueless and if it was a fan how would they be able to get Que's phone if he was just on the phone with you and it was a blocked number cause it wouldve popped up Que's name in your contacts

Me: Your right whoever this girl is must have known Que personally and he said barely even talked to any girls on that level since we both were seperated... so this nigga lied

Aja: Now Nicki don't jump to conclusions like Kionna said this could just be some crazy fan that found about you and Que and is trying to sabotage yall

Me: No this ain't just anybody I feel like I remember that voice from somewhere but I don't remember who it was...

Kionna: Well all that can wait until after yall slay 106&Park now ladies back to rehearsal NOW!!

We all went back to our places and Kiki started the music but all on my mind during rehearsal was that phone call. I know that I should stay focused and think about the performance but I just can't help it like I feel like I know who that person but I just can't picture their face...

*Skip to the Show*

Jacquees POV

Okay so me and my patna August are backstage watching the girls getting interviewed by Bow Wow its almost time for them to premiere the video and then after that its me and Aug's turn to get interviewed. They still don't know were here this is actually going to be a surprise guest appearance since were technically supposed to be Houston right now but BowWow really wanted us to be there. Its too bad Chris couldn't be here but he had some other things to do lie working on his new album.

BowWow:Okay so we asked on twitter for yall fans to send in question and put the hashtag #AskUnique and the first question in where you guys from? and its from @kaykayismindless

Bree: Were from Decatur Georgia

Keisha: Okay  and the next  question is from @tierawallace and it is how old are you guys?

Nicki: Well I'm the oldest I'm 19

Aja: Second oldest and I'm 18

Bree: And I'm the baby and I just recently turned 18

BowWow: And that brings us to our next question when are yall birthdays? from @WeAreTeamUnique

Nicki: Well mine is November 27 (My actual birthday ;) )

Aja: May 23

Bree: June 22

Keisha: Okay who are you guy's inspirations?

Aja: Well I would have to say for all of us Beyonce and Michael Jackson

Bree: Our parents also

While the interview continued on they premiered the video and now its time for me and Aug to go up there.

BowWow: Alright yall just seen the hottest new girl group in the game first official video for their single Without Me

Keisha: And if you guys wanna see that song on the countdown text 22248 or #UNIQUE

BowWow: Well when we comeback were gonna have two very special guests here

Keisha: Yup we'll ne right back with August Alsina and Jacquees!

The crowd started to go crazy and I could see it in the girls eyes that they were surprised and excited to know that I was here but Nicki she looked a little upset I wonder what's wrong with her...

Nicki's POV

As soon as I heard Que's name I was happy. Come on its my baby's first time on national television but I have to admit just hearing his name also made me think of that phone call I got earlier today like who the hell was that? I know I remember the voice but I just can't remember the face. so after our performance and the show was over we met up with Que and we got to meet August for the first time he's pretty chill real ass dude.Me and the girls were planning on leaving with Jacquees so we could all hangout before he has to go back on tour so while we were all walking out the door together Que pulled me to the side to tell me something.

Jacquees: Hey what's wrong with u?

Me: * confused look* What do you mean?

Jacquees: You've barely been speakin to me ever since the show's been over I mean the only reason me and August accepted our invite to be on 106 I mean I knew I was gonna be invited again sometime next month but the only reason I came was to just see you and you're throwin me under the bus like I did something wrong

Me: Que its not like YOU did anything wrong  *mumble* well not anything I know of

Jacquees: Huh?

Me: Nothing its just... something is upsetting me that has to do with you

Jacquees: Well what is it that has do with me?

Me: I'll tell you when we get to the hotel

Jacquees: Okay

We walk out with everybody and suddenly were surrounded by screaming fans and flashing cameras. I felt like I was about to go deaf and blind at the same time! as soon as we were about to get in the car I heard someone calling my name now what you're thinking Nicki aren't there hella people screaming your name right now? yes but there was something about this voice that made me think about the phone call! I turn my head quickly to see somebody that I never would have thought I would see again

Me: Wait.. NE-


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