the wedding

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Ellies pov

Todays te day for ana and kian to become one yay. I was getting ready at anas parents house in cali at the moment everyone was getin ready sice we have like 4 hours left yay. I got into the shower washing I couldnt wait to see jc again haven't seen him in like 4 months which im a little happy about but hey ho. I walked out dryin my self gettin into a vest top with my sports shorts. I blowed dried my hair carefully then letting the stylist do my hair . I was sittin there for a while she curled it then putting it into a lose but tight pony tail gripping back any thig that look untidy.  I did my own make up I had eyeliner blusher and mascara and obviously some lipstick.

whilst ana was getting her make up done  we were talkig about the arragnements.

"So Ellie you'll be walkin with jc and you'll be taking photos with him okay"said ana I sighed and nodded. her hair was down and curled she had bits clipped back and a flower clipping back her frindge. her make up was natural and perfect bronzer foundation and blusher with mascara and eyeliner. me and her bridesmaids came into the bedroom getting our dresses on. we helped ana first her slim dress fitting perfectly, it went down to her ankle. her ivy dress she put her veil on and sat down. I put my dress on the navy blue fittig my figure perfectly. puttig y black heels on I walked out with ana and the rest we saw the driver was here.

when we got there we saw the boys were outside accept kian obviously,  jc had his back towards us. ana got out befor me the guys admiring her she was perfect. jc walked over hugging me then I looped my arm through his arm.

Ana pov

im was about to burt from excitement and nerves I did not like this all. I got out the car before Ellie she fixed my hair and my dress which was amazing. then I looped my arm through rickys arm which made me smile. I noticed Jc was starring at Ellie making her feel uncomfortable. she looped her arm thriugh his as we all started to walk in.

At the party we danced photos took. the cake was brought out it was red velvet cake with four things it had a cake ribbon rounf the first section and on the top. kian was holding my hand as we cut the cake. 

"may the newly wed dance for us"shouted the Dj Kian guided me to the floor. the song we picked was hero 

Let me be your hero,

Would you dance,

If I asked you to dance?

Would you run,

And never look back?

Would you cry,

If you saw me crying?

And would you save my soul, tonight?

Would you tremble,

If I touched your lips?

Would you laugh?

Oh please tell me this.

Now would you die, 

For the one you love?

Hold me in your arms, tonight. 

I can be your hero, baby.

I can kiss away the pain.

I will stand by you forever.

You can take my breath away.

Would you swear,

That you'll always be mine?

Or would you lie? 

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