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Hey guys, if I don't update every so often I am so sorry I am currently writing five book series at one time, so I am spending some of my time here and there, so please don't hate me just because I don't update soon you will get your stories, and my 100,000 worlds, because I want to share each and everyone of them with you all.


I had the strangest dream that night, I dreamt that I was in a meadow with flowers from red to purple, to every shade in the rainbow, it was beautiful. Lucas was sitting there looking all gorgeous and handsome, he took my breath away. I wanted to so badly run my hand through his hair, I got closer and closer to him and, then I leaned in to kiss him. I felt his lips softly on mine, moving slowly, I kissed him back my lips moving with his, I felt him open my mouth his tongue, and I let him I tasted mint and lavender, I tangled my arms around his neck, I felt his arms encircle my waist, I felt the soft grass under my by back, I closed my eyes and got lost in his kiss, his hand went to the hem of my dress, I felt his hand on my bare leg leaving heat where he touched, then I felt his nails dig into my skin, I groaned, his hands felt different though, it was like there was a blizzard instead of that sweet heat. I opened my eyes. I then saw his eyes change to an onyx black and blood red pair of eyes, I couldn't see his pupils, I couldn't even see the whites of his eyes.

I had backed away but a pale white hand held my arm, I looked at his face, he had coal black hair and paper white pale skin, and his eyes were both blood red and onyx black, I was frightened, what had this thing done to Lucas? Why was I dreaming about this? What was I going to do? All of a sudden I was running through the woods, it was snowing, the flakes of snow were falling in my hair and sticking to my eyelashes, I was in a white flowing dress. I saw that he was following me closely, I couldn't breath. I heard my name being called out behind me, but I kept running and running until I couldn't run anymore, my head felt light from the lack of oxygen, my heart throbbed in my chest, my breath quickened. My knees gave up on me and I fell, which unfortunately, gave him the time to catch up to me.

"Don't be afraid of me, Melinda, I am not going to hurt you." He beseeched. "Not unless you make me."

"What are you? Who are you? What do you want with me?" I choked out through my tears.

"I am a magical being just like you, but I am a god, my name is Hades, and what I want with you is for you to be my bride, you see you awoke me, and I felt power radiating from you and I instantly fell for you, I wanted to know who you were, Persephone might of been the prettiest lily in ancient times but you my dear are the most rare and, exquisite rose I have ever seen." He explained, in a flirtatious way. I felt his hands on my arms, I tingled at his touch, it was like electricity was running through my body.

"If I have awoken you already then why haven't you found me yet?" I asked him.

"Because you died, and I couldn't find you anymore, and once you die I die, I only hope that this time you don't die, because you are my power, my soul," He told me. I felt a dark energy coming from him and I couldn't control shivering. I felt his lips on mine and he was kissing me, I kissed him back, I was hypnotized by him, I couldn't stop, he picked me up, pushing my back was against the tree. I felt his hand on my bare thigh, he then grabbed my hand with his other, he then stopped kissing me and looked straight into my eyes. "You must wake up and remember who you are, without you I can't awaken, and if you won't remember your self, I will help you only a little." I saw his hands glow with a blue fire, I screamed in pain, I wanted it to stop.

"Please stop! Stop!" I cried out, in pain."I will help you remember, by giving you some of your powers back, and then when you have fully awakened my love, we hall be reunited once again and then we can finally together again, and I rule this god forsaken world and Mount Olympus, with you by my side." He declared. I couldn't take the pain anymore, and I awoke.

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