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Ellies pov

*2 months later*

Tonight  me, chooe and ana go back to collage, and that means leaving Jc, the boys ,bella and izzy. so its all pretty emtional right now since im packing my things up, on the bright side anas weddig is in a months time and well she cant wait to show her ring of, shes decied that ricckys giving her away.

"need any help packing hun?"asked bellas voice I looked round she smiled she was wearing green high waisted shorts with a black crop top and black vans, her blonde hair in a side Platt.  she seemed sad to see me go, she hugged me as she was about to put my photos in I looked at it. it was a group one where jc had me in his arms kissing me , ana was in kians arms where trevor was in rickys , bella and sam were kissing then chloe and izzy were smiking nicely. we were all at the beach when ricky and chloe still liked eachother. ricky decied to keep and lon distance relationship going so have the newly wed obviously but me and jc thought best if we broke up since we couldnt see eachother cause I had finals and I too them so seriously.  bella helped with the last of my things then she went I put on my bed knowing that the boys would come in here to see that I was gone. even know we're like 10 hours away from the boys but hey ho,  I put the group photo on the bed with a note,

Boys thanks for an amazing time see ya at kianas wedding haha  I shipped them love you guys

-Ellie ♥-

I dragged my suitcases down the stairs jc smiled and helped me lift them I smiled as he did this. I will miss him a lot and I mean a lot. we all sat down outside chilling and having a few chats about the wedding and the baby. they dont care if its a boy or a girl , their names for a girl are





and a boy is :





I have a feeli the kid if ts a boy is gonna be called logan lawley or if its a girl lilly lawley. I want a little boy first then a little girl. I would name my girl Lilly and my boy Jamie, 

"El its time to go"said ana I nodded we stood up sayin good bye firat I hugged cheeky sam, singin trevor then rocking ricky then clever conor then kicking kian and fianlly jc he smiled pulling me into a tight embrace. he kissed my cheek then e got in the car ana driving and pulling away. Bye O2L.

Jcs pov

I watched them drive away its gonna be a lot less borin around here now they are gone. I walked up to ellies room and looked around then I looked onto the bd and saw a note and a photo of us all. I read the note

Boys thanks for an amazing time see ya at kianas wedding haha  I shipped them love you guys

-Ellie ♥-

shes always so cheerful.  I miss her I want her more and more never will I feel the same about a girl ever again.

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