maddies coma

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Ellies pov

"Ellie?" a familiar voice was heard it cant be no way. she cant be here right now I turned around, she was wearin a black and white knee length dress with Black heels.

"mum?" I asked confused she nodded "why you here?"

"ana called me, to tell me maddies gone missing and she wants me and you sorted out because of something that might happen"she said. wait maddies gone missing.

"right so you want my help?" I asked her confused she nodded "she was meant to be coming to you "I told her she nodded,

"have you checked your phone lately?"she asked I shook my head I got it out of my bag and turned it own. I had 3 voicemails. one from mum one from maddie and one from unknown. I heard the unknown first.

"hello miss ellie, umm I afraid to say that maddie has been in a car crash and now she is in a coma, she in west valleys hosptial"a very nurse-like voice said

"shes at west valley's"I told her she nodded she was about to walk away but she stopped

"listen to my voice mail" se said with a tear in her eye. she walked out I clicked on her one and listened to it.

"hello ellie I know you dont want to speak to me , but I want to tell you something. ellie I love you I do qnd if you decied that you dont want me to be my daughter then thats up to you but before you decide, heres a thre things. 1. you nver let me know how you felt because of maddie and jack 2. your not the only one anas mum took my spot  many times . but hope we talk soon I love you dar-"she got cut of by the beeeeep.

she told me she loves me wow i felt a little bit of compassion not much though haha. I turned to face ana

"1. whats happenig and two thanks ana"I pulled her into a hug .when we broke she looked at me and shrugged

"im not allowed to say nothin " she said I nodded but carried on guessing

*at home*

when we got home noone was home so me and the girls sat down for a bit . jc came in later on fussin over something,

jcs pov

I will do it

I will

all I have to do is ask her and she shall either say yes or no.

omgerd freaking out

breath Jc

Ellie smiled nicely then she hugged me quickly before running upstairs

I looked at the rest.

"im gonna do it , if she says no I just nod and smile"I said nervous as fuck since me and ellie have know eachother for 2 months and im certain thats shes the one.  she came down outside.

"Ellie , will you marry me "I shouted at her she stopped and turned around she laughed as if she was amused then she saw my serouis face

"oh your serouis"she said going into shock I looked at her confused "Jc , look we have known eachother for like 2 months okay im pretty sure im not the one we are 17 we are way to young get get tied down, kian has known ana for about 2 to 3 years so no I will not marry im sorry"she said carrying on walking outside.

"well that went well"said sam amused I pushed past him and ran upstairs.

I heard a knock on the door sam opened it and in came harry ellie came in and hugged him they walked outside together, I watched them from my window upstairs.

"knock.knock "said anas voice I smiled at her she stood with me lookig outside we watched as ellie threw her head back in laughter. thats thefirl I took the virginity of and shes laughing with a boy I hate and she knows this.

"why do I even bother?"I asked sadly I looked at her she looked at me and sighed

"you love her"she simply said "Jc she wants to live life for a bit, whih I understand but I knew she wanted to say yes deep down she wants to be married to you but she wants to complete her education first before any thing yet okay" she turned away and walked downstairs then harry went in for a kiss I thought she was going to but she slapped him .

"im with Jc okay"she screamed at with him

"I dont see you saying yes to him so yoy can be married"he shouted back true very true.

"Im 17 I haven't even completed bloody collage yet"she said "just fuck off"she said I walked out the door and walked downstairs to her. she was on the counter typing somethin on her phone she saw me and sighed. I saw tears running down her face

"aww baby dont cry"I said wipin her tears away she smiled at me slightly

"im sorry "she said I intertwined our fingers and she looked up.

"dont be I was way outta line" I lied I felt lime she was defently the one for me.

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