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anas pov

ellie hasnt been talking to me and im starting to become stresed with it, we have neer really had an argument. we can never stay mad at eachother but she was doing it, she was on the sofa watching chuck (a series about how a n ordianary man becomes a spy good shit) I sat down near her she didn't move.

"Ellie im so so sorry!"I exclamied she looked at me her green eyes lookig at me peircig thriugh me like a dagger, she sighed softly

"Me too, friends?"she asked I nodded

"Best friend's"we said in unison. she got up and held her hand for mine

"lets go"she said we got in my car and drove to O2Ls house since we wNted to see them.

Ellies pov

when we arrived we heard one directions does he know. we walked in and we caughtbthem dancing trying to be seductive it really wasnt working. ana caught it on video and posted it to youtube in a comment on all their most recent videos they always check their coments. when the song stopped they all got notifications. thy all looked like twats,

"thats jut gold guys" I said stepoi out I suddenky felt like I was about to be hugged. and I did first ricky, kian, sam, Trevor, connor, bella, izzy, chloeand finally JC he picked me up and kissed my lips ever so gently  then put me down again. I sighed. I put on my songs instead puttingnon sleeping with sirens if you cant hang me and ana started to head bang which was fun haha. the boys watched us carefully as we danced about for a while which was fun because me and ana haven't beenn like this at home. sam started to join trying to copy our slut drop we looked at him weirdly

"bitch dont hate me cause im fabulous"he walked he into the kithen wighlibg his hips and tying to walk like a girl

"girls dont walk like that old sammy boy"I said he walked back with an Arizona

"bitch , know your place!"he spoke harshly but jokingly I looked at him amused

"oh dont make me go al kittykat on you"I laughed heart attack came on everyone danced we were all having such an amazin time with these boys. after that cascada how do you came on . me and ana squeeled this was our dance exam piece. the beginng bit was me then the chrous was her. the others thought we were crazy but when we explained thy sat down asking tonwatch it. the words was

'I see you comb your hairand give me that grin its making me spin, spin within before i melt like snow I say how do you' I spin grin and melt then it says. 'I love the way you undress now baby begin'so I took of my jersey reavling me in my vest top. then we daced away like crazy people.

"Ellie can I talk to you for a quickie?"asked kian I nodded I followed him into the kitchen and he started to whisper.

"The thing is that im turning 19 soon and well my parents want me to get married, and to be honest so do I, and I want it to be ana"h3 whisoered softly smiling at the lat bit I squeeled OMGERD! THAT WOULD BE ACTURAL AMAZING!!!

"you should hunny bee then you can start your own family. I dibs godmother or anutie"I whispered he lauged we walked back in kian sat next to ana winkig at me I nodded, I sat on jcs lap he smiled pulling me onto his chest.

"ana im putting rivers house up for sale"I blurted out she nodded

"ana do you want to go out to dinner tonight?"asked kian I was about to explode with the secret, ricky must know ricky looked at me mouthing 'do you know?' and of course I nodded back. he smiled big time. it was 5pm ana dragged me upstairs to her bedroom. she got in the shower while I got her red midnthigh dres that was tight fitting at the top then flowed out at the hips to mid thigh. I got the black ballet flats out along withbthe curlera and hair dryer . she came out in some of her old clothes so she didn't ruin the dress. she sat down while I dried her hair . when I dried her hair I started to curl it.

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