Chapter 7 "Why?!"

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I needed to talk to Taylor about him liking me so I pulled him into a random room and shut the door. It must have been Nash's room room because all of his stuff was in there.

Taylor sat down on the bed and scooted over making room for me and patted the bed beside him. I sat down and I asked "So would you like to explain?"

He looked at me then the ground then sighed "I like you?" He said it more like a question. I said but I'm 13 and dating someone. He says back "age is just a number and I thought u liked me? Did you do something with Hayes last night?" (Taylor is 16 in this I keep forgetting to say that)

I was looked at Taylor like he was crazy because I was shocked by the question he just asked me 'did Hayes and I do something'? Really?! At 13?! I was getting kind of mad I didn't want to hurt Taylor's feelings so I tried to calm down and said "No we didn't do anything why would we do something at 13?! Really Taylor?!"

I noticed my voice raised during the sentence I felt bad so I hugged him dang it I give in way to easily!! I thought to myself. He hesitated to hug for a second but after a few seconds he hugged back.

He broke away from the hug but he was still holding my waist he said "I'm sorry but I love you,Kylie. Your probably going to slap me after this but I don't care"

I saw he started to lean in and so did I,

our lips were only centimeters away and I wanted to kiss him and I forgot about Hayes. HOW?!? How could I forget about HAYES?!

Our lips collided and after about 30 seconds of course someone has to walk in...WHY?! WHY ME?!

The door swings open...


This is probably the shortest chapter ever ik ik but I'm gonna write another chapter right now.

I can't believe taylor broke his arm yesterday 4 bones in his arm and his wrist I started crying he needs surgery

But he also released "Buckwild" yesterday I'm soooo proud of him in my opinion it's the best song ever if you don't like it ... It's his first song so ya can't blame him and he even admitted it's not the best song on twitter and so yeah!...

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