After school, I took my iPhone out and went on Instagram. I found all these comments:

@lifewithasiamonetray: You're just a little brat @princesskenzieboo13.

@paigehyland1: I agree with @lifewithasiamonetray; you are a little brat.

@kk22xo: @princesskenzieboo13 just because I left the studio, doesn't mean I have to stop doing what I've been doing to you. Hehe!

@chloelukasiak33: Don't listen to them, Mackenzie! Their just jealous of how you have awesome friends and an awesome boyfriend.

@tyleratwood1: Mackenzie, you are better than they are. @chloelukasiak33 is right; their just jealous.

@sophialucia5678: @princesskenzieboo13, you are fat, ugly, and just a little slut. You don't deserve a boyfriend.

@madisonziegler1313: Hey, Sopia, Asia, Paige, and Kendall, you guys just shut up and don't talk about my little sister like that.

I finished reading the comments and cried. I thought, Wait maybe Maddie does care about me. I thought Sophia was my friend; I guess not. Asia probably turned her against me. I walked over to my sink and grabbed my blade. Suddenly, Maddie walked in. I quickly placed the blade on my counter and picked up my toothbrush and put it in my mouth. "What do you want, Maddie?" I said with my mouth full of  "toothpaste."

"I was wondering if you took my brown combat boots," She said, searching my room.

"Oh, sorry," I said, as I went to my closet and grabbed her boots. "I just borrowed them yesterday." She took them out of my hands and walked back into her room. I thought, whew, that was a close one. I picked my blade back up and put my toothbrush down. Then, I sliced two more cuts into my wrist to go along with all the others. I flopped onto my bed and picked up my book, Divergent. I started reading it and I read until I fell asleep.

I woke in the middle of the night. The clock read 3:48. That's when I heard it; I heard the fire alarm go off. I ran into Maddie's room and woke her up. We ran down the stairs and outside because mom always told us that if there ever was a fire, we were to grab our sister and run outside. She said not to worry about her. We got outside and we saw the fire in the kitchen. It's been about five minutes since we got outside and mom hasn't gotten here. Suddenly, I the door opened and mom staggered out coughing. She yelled, "One of you, call the fire department." I grabbed my iPhone and dialled 911.

They said, "911, what's your emergency?"

I yelled, "We have a fire at my house."

"Okay, calm down; what's your address?"

"Umm..." I looked at the mailbox. "493 Wallaby Way, Pittsburgh."

"Okay, the fire department is on their way."

In two minutes time, we heard a siren and a fire truck appeared around the corner. Woken from the noise probably, Tyler came running around out of the house next door to mine. The firefighters hopped out of the truck and grabbed the hose to put out the fire.

Tyler asked me, "What happened?"

"We don't know; we just woke up to the fire alarm going off." I said.

He hugged me, "I'm just glad you're okay."

All of a sudden, we both heard an "Awww!" It was just Maddie and Chloe. "Wait, when did Chloe get here?"

"I spent the night with Maddie, remember?" She answered.

"No, I really don't," I added.

The firefighters came back and started talking to my mom. They said, "The fire is out, but a lot of damage was done. The source of it was this coffee maker that was left plugged in. Your kitchen is almost completely destroyed and your living room is a little charred in some places. But we did the best we could to fix it."

"Okay, thank you," my mom said.

With that, the firefighters hopped back into the truck and drove away.

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