Chapter 6: Where's Cary?

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Cary's POV

'How did Mary convince me to join her?'  We had snuck out to save Mother from Bronze Ghost.  I just couldn't believe we were doing this.  It may be a rescue mission but no one EVER went in to his home.  A few kids did and they were never seen again.  I was worried about them, though.  I couldn't let it stay this way forever.

As we neared the home, I made a plan in my head.  Maybe I could save a few people in that building, but I would have to risk my freedom.  We entered quietly and they walked in the southern direction.  I stopped and took to the North.  My breathing felt as though it was seperating.  I stopped and looked inside the room to my right.  My eyes widened when I saw the injured girl.  I opened the door and slapped her face.

She woke up and looked up at me, probably expecting the damned ghost.  She seemed surprised to see me.  I helped her up on her feet and walked out of the room.  She followed me as I went to the south.  Then I saw him.  The ghost looked in my direction from the north and snarled.  I yelled to the girl to run to the front.  She looked at me like I was crazy.

"Are you serious?!  That's suicide!  We'll never make it!"  I looked at her with one of my eyes and said,"Who said I would be leaving too?  I know this may seem like a horrible choice, but I'm going to stay."  She looked at me surprised and I didn't look back.  I pushed her and shouted,"RUN!"

Bronze looked at me ready to strike me if I ran.  I calmed down slowly and said,"If you can't have that girl, take me instead."  I opened my arms wide, inviting him to take me away.  He seemed surprise, but grinned.  He struck me and I blacked out screaming.

Stranger's POV

Why did that girl help me?  She told me she was staying.  I obeyed her wish for me to run.  I had been stuck here since I was seven.  I didn't stop running till I heard her screaming.  I knew almost instantly that she wasn't alone in this place.  She had have brought someone.  I ran to the door and pushed it opened.  I saw the moon and its beauty I had not seen in a long time.  I looked up and saw the stars.  I walked carefully forward. and realized that I wasn't on the property anymore.  I was free again.  I was free.

As I relished the moment, I looked at the door.  I then sat down and waited.  Someone would have to come soon.  No way she went in there alone.

Eric's POV

We got to Mom's prison cell when we heard Cary scream.  We also heard a girl about Mary's age running barefoot.  I just turned back to the cell and broke down the door.  Mom looked up surprised.  I just lifted her onto my back and ran.  Mary followed.  No ghostly sounds found their way to our path.

When we got to the door, it was open.  Whoever was running opened it for us.  We ran through carefully.  No use in staying just to be taken away.

Mary's POV

I was frightened when we were running.  However, I was more frightened over what happened to Cary.  When we saw moonlight, I smiled.  Maybe she made it out of the door.  We ran through the door and stopped at the street.  We were surprised that the ghost didn't follow us.

I fell to the floor in a rush to breathe.  That could have gone horrible.  I looked around at  the road.  I didn't see Cary anywhere.  Just a girl with auburn hair.  Then she spoke.  "Are you the ones with that redheaded girl who saved me from my imprisonment."  I looked at her and realized she meant  Cary.  "What does Cary have to do with you?"  "So that was her name.  It's beautiful.  I was dozing when she slapped me awake.  Bronze found us and she said she was going to stay.  She pushed me and told me to run.  I heard her scream, but I still obeyed her order."

I was surprised.  Cary gave up her freedom for this girl?  "What's your name child?"Jane asked.  The girl replied,"Amerie.  My name is Amerie.  My brother was taken and I went to save him.  Instead, Bronze killed my brother and took me captive.  I've been here since I was 7."  Tears filled my eyes as I realized what she meant.  Cary wasn't coming out of that house.

Crystal's POV

I was playing with Casy when the front door opened.  I ran to the door and saw them.  Mom, Mary, and Eric along with a girl I don't recognized.  Dad also raced to the door.  He stopped and looked at Mom, then he embraced her.  Tears fell from our eyes when Rosanne brought the twins back.  But harder tears came when we heard about Cary and the new girl Amerie.

I couldn't stop crying, but Mary didn't drop a tear.  It was like she was a different person.  The eyes seemed gentle, however, they also had a sense of being sad.  Then her eyes closed and she opened them.  Tears brimming.

It was strange, the eyes before seemed different, like it was from someone else's point of view.  Was that the supernatural feeling coming from her before tears appeared out of no where?

Mary Angel's POV

Being unconscious sucks.  Especially if your true body is unconscious.  My name is Mary Angel. I'm a angel and a soul at the moment.  My soul is stuck inside Mary Vampire.  However, I felt the death wave.  This girl was going to die young is what I felt.  I took over somehow and saw their conversation.  It made me sad, but there was nothing I could do.

I closed her eyes and lost control once again.

Narrator's POV

Soon Mary Vampire and her family moved away.  Mary Angel stayed within Mary Vampire until the day of destiny came.  When Mary Vampire's 2nd and last adventure came to be.  Mary Vampire would die, however, Mary Angel would return to her angel family.  This, however, would another story.

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