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Veronica: guys

Veronica: GUYS

Kevin: what omg

Kevin: I'm ready for the gossip

Cheryl: FFS Keller

Veronica : I'm hungry

Kevin: ......

Cheryl: ........

Betty: .....

Reggie: bitch me too the fück

Cheryl: ......

Josie: omg did we just witness the birth of Regonica?

Cheryl: tf is that

Kebin: I ship it

Cheryl: you ship everyone sweaty

Archie: you guys should ship varchie

Archie: 😉😉

Reggie: um no sweaty

Reggie: did you just not see this Regonica moment

Archie: dId YOu Just NOt sEe tHiS REgoNICa MoMeNT


Cheryl: omg

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Cheryl: omg

Betty: aw Arch

Archie: Betty is my only true friend here

Archie I always liked Betty more anyway

Jughead: excuse me?

Veronica: excuse me

Veronica: I think the fück not

Ethel: omg

Cheryl: who the fück added this stranger-things-character looking ass bitch

Betty: oops I was adding to you the Chem lab group Ethel

*Cheryl kicked Ethel out of the group chat.*


osie: omg

*Kevin renamed the group chat "Regonica is real 2k17"*

Veronica: ANYWAY

Veronica: someone get me some food y'all

Betty: Ronnie its 10 pm

Reggie: I'm at McDonalds anyway

Reggie: what you need

Veronica: omg yas reggie

Archie: so Reggie just casually happened to be at McDonalds

Cheryl: "casually"

Veronica: get me some fries, a coke and a chicken burger please

Josie: bitch is really out here giving the whole order

Reggie: on my way babe

Kevin: "bABE"

Cheryl: BABE

Josie: shooketh

Archie: I came here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

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