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Chapter 1 - I WAKE UP LIKE THIS!



I flipped over on the bed and smacked something off the bedside table with my right hand, I heard something shatter and my eyes fluttered open. Oh... I was dead.


"Ellie! What was that!?" I heard my mother shout from the kitchen, she sounded as if she was right beside me.. even though the kitchen was on the first floor and I was on the second.

"Nothing Mum!" I said and flung myself off the bed a bit to fast, making myself fly off and fall inches from the glass. Just my luck, aye?

I sigh and get up, ow.. my arm hurts... I pick up the glass shards, at least they were in big chunks. I threw them in my Rubbish Bin and went over to my closet doing a little skipping/walking dance, I was happy I wouldn't have to shower...

I look at the wall to my right, the wall was entirely covered in glass, making it a mirror. Well... from the middle up was covered by the mirror. On the oppsite wall I had posters over, you could barley see the Midnight Blue paint.

I looked at myself in the mirror, my red like maple leaf hair was all over the place. My hair was usually wavy... But I guess that didn't apply today. I looked like I just got dinosaur drool all over my head... I smiled at my joke and looked in the closet.

After about three minutes of glancing at the same pair of clothes I pulled out a pair of light but see-throughish grey tights, dark blue denim shorts, a bright red T-shirt with bold black words reading "I Bite." on the chest, and a bright hot-pink hoodie that read "I love Unicorns" in black bold letters. Oh I loved my sense of fashion! After I changed I picked up my phone (That had an amazing Pikachu case, thanks Aunty Mary!) and made my way down stairs. I put shuffle on the music and the second I heard the song it started to play I smiled. My phone could somehow tell what song I always wanted.

I started singing the words out to I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith, it was one of my songs. I heard my mother giggle and my brother sigh... Where was my sister's usual groan? Oh wait, she had basketball practice today.. She was making me join... I was so looking forward to that. Note the sarcasm there.

"I DON'T WANNA CLOSE MY EYES! I DON'T WANT TO FALL A SLEEP!" I sang, I giggled but never missed a word. I did this each morning, I would wake up, shower (sometimes) get dress, and then start singing a song. I finished the song a few minutes later and sat at the kitchen table across from my older brother who was already eating his Maple Sugar Pancakes. "Thanks mum" I said between mouth fulls, I loved Maple Sugar Pancakes. They were amazing. We only had them on Thursdays, that was the only day my mother didn't have to go in to work early.

"I swear your singing gets worse each day..." My brother huffed after he finished his pancakes. "You're just jelly you can't sing at all." I giggled and finished the last bite of the pancakes.

"I can sing better than you." He smirked at me, I rolled my eyes about to say something... let's just say very rude but my mother stopped me. "Liam be nice to your sister. And Ellie be nice to your brother." She laughed and took our plates to go wash them. I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at Liam, he mocked me. I smiled, "Thanks Mum" I repeated and beakoned Liam to come to the car with me.

"You can't beakon me! I'm driving you!" Liam mumbled, "Whatever" I sniggered and went outside and in to the car.

Half to the school I heard my song play on the radio. "OH MY GOD I NEED TO TURN THIS UP! THIS IS MY JAM!" I said and reached and blasted the radio.

"I found god. On the corner of first and Amistad" I sang in tune with the radio, I wasn't that bad... Halfway through the song we arrived at school.

"Get out so I can park." Liam smirked, "And this is why I hate you." He was my big brother, he was suppose to be like that, but he got annoying sometimes... I got out the car and made it to the gate. I did a once over the area. Our school had a buge Track at the back and also a football field. I meant... Rugby... Whatever you call it here. It was really beautiful... especially at this time of year, the glass was bright and all the trees leaves were becoming bright live colours. Just as I thought my friends weren't here yet I heard my name be shouted by a loud but soft voice, I turned to my right and saw my five friends sitting at our usual park bench.

I waved and made my way to them. "Wow bright as ever I see." Jordan laughed. She was one of the group of friends I had, her hair was almost as bright as mine, but it was orange and not as blinding. (I'm being serious it took them two months to get use to it.) She had bright green eyes, she was about 5'7 and she was pretty well tanned.

"I agree" Laughed her brother, Logan. He looked like his father, Jordan looked like her mother. Logan was well built, about 6'1, (I was two inches taller ha.) well tanned and had moss green eyes and dark brown hair.

The three others were Kimberly (My number one best friend..), Matt, and Luis. Kimberly was 5'7, well tanned, she also had blonde hair with a metalish looking blue highlights. She also had bright blue eyes. (Her eyes were almost like mine but mine were a crystalish bright blue.)

Luis was 6 foot, well built, slightly paleish, brown eyed and had black hair. And last but not least, Matt. He had dirty blonde, hazel eyed, 6'2 and tanned...Ish.

I've been friends with all of them since Kindergarden. They were family to me, and always will be.

"You know me... I always need to make sure the kidnappers can see me" I smiled, Matt's face looked confuse. Yeah they're still trying to get over my weirdness... "Whatever let's get to class" Kimberly laughed just before the bell rung.

Hai owo? This book will hopefully be finished in the next few months. I'll add new chapters for this on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Hopefully... Maybe even other days :D Hope you enjoyed. I tried to make it have the best grammar ;w; But then again I'm just 11... WHATEVER THOUGH, BYE <3 Comment on how you think of it ;3

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