Chapter 1

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You and your best friend Alyssa were going to see your two most favourite bands ever. You couldn't wIt , you were both massive fans and the concert was tomorrow! You were getting your clothes ready and decided to FaceTime each other, after a while you both go your final results "ahhh! Sophie you look beautiful, you better be wearing that tomorrow!" Alyssa let out in an ear piercing screech, " yes I am! Shh you idiot my brothers asleep! You look absolutely stunning too, just don't forget where you out them yea?" You laugh at the comment you made about Alyssa forgetfulness...

Sophie's p.o.v

I could hear knocking at the door and it didn't seem like anyone else was going to answer it... I looked at my clock and groaned, who would it be at 6:30am?! I swung me legs out of bed and trudged downstairs to the door. I saw Alyssa, how in the world is she even awake? As soon as I unlocked the door she dashed in and gave me a massive hug! We spoke about literally anything until it was time to leave. For the entire journey to London me and Alyssa sang, or you could say shouted to 1d and 5sos songs. I think we annoyed my mum just abit!

We got there and found out we were the first ones there, we were 4hours early so I wasn't very surprised. I saw the 9 flawless boys exit their tour buses , I tried to text Alyssa because she went to the toilet but I didn't send it in time. Just before they got inside I noticed harry dropped something and I ran to pick it up, sprinted towards him yelling his name. We just stood there for a minute whilst I stared into his glistening emerald green eyes. Harry smirked " thanks live, hope you have a great time!" With that he turned and walked away. Harry Styles just spoke to me, WHAT!?

5sos had just finished their opening act and the one direction boys jumped on stage. I screamed the whole way through, I think I burst the ear drums of the girl next to me it oh well! It came to WMYB and the boys began to choose girls to go up on stage so they could sing to them. Only harry was left, his eyes scanned the room for a bit before he finally chose me, yes me!! It was like heaven just to stare into his eyes like I did earlier that day. Of course the song had to come to and end didn't it. Just as I was about to leave harry put a piece of paper in my hand 'meet me and the boys backstage, bring your friend to ;)-Harry' I just looked at him in disbelief as he winked at me as I walked away. Did this really just happen?!

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