Chapter 11

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Julie POV

By about 5:30 I got Nash, Taylor, Cameron, Hayes, Matthew and Carter to clean the whole house while I watched TV with Emily, Brittany was upstairs packing, her and Nash leave in 2 days

I told them its technically still my birthday, so they would clean the house and it took them a couple hours but I couldn't help but take a video and post it on vine. They were some cute little maids!

Nash: alright Julie your house is clean! Are you happy!

Me: thank you guys I love ya'll so much!!

They all just kinda groaned or rolled their eyes

Cameron: Ight guys I'm hungry, yall want some Chickfila?

Everyone screamed yes almost in unison

Once Cam left with Emily everyone was kind of in theirs our conversation.

Taylor whispered in my ear, "So last night..?"

I looked at him trying so hard not to smile, " what about it"

Taylor: well what do you remember because I drank more than you, considering it was legal for me, I don't know about you.

I glared at him

Me: I don't know, I guess we will never know

I turned to watch the TV.

After about 20 minutes, Cam and Emily walked in with 11 chicken sandwiches with fries and 11 drinks.

We all sat in living room eating and talking and laughing!

Cameron and Nash were fighting over what to watch, no one else cared beside Matt and Hayes.

Cameron and Hayes watched to watch Ghost Adventures but for some reason Matt and Nash wanted to watch Say Yes to the Dress.. I just laughed at them both

I let the guys sleep over since they were all exhausted from cleaning the house for me.

Taylor came up to my room and laid in bed as I took a shower.

When I got out I wrapped a towel around me and walked out to go to my closet

Taylor: Hey sexy

Me: ha ha funny, I'm getting my clothes

Taylor: Why? You could always sleep clothes less...?

Me: Or nahh

Taylor rolled his eyes and smiled, I walked into my closet to get dressed because Taylor wouldn't stop looking over his phone at me, he is not smooth at all..

I cuddled up next to him and he put his arm around my waist and turned the light off.

I felt him lean over next to my ear and whispered with his hot breathe..

Taylor: I love you baby

I smiled and said it back

 Taylor POV

I woke up with my arms around Julie's waist

She looked so beautiful when she slept.

I reached over to grab my phone trying not to wake her up, she rolled over and snuggled up to my chest, I started to brush her hair back so it wasn't in her face.

I went threw my Twitter and Instagram then pulled up the camera


I posted it saying "payback from like a month ago:') @Julie_baee"

I got up to go downstairs and get some food.

Nash: hey dude

Me: Hey man what's up?

Nash: I'm about to head to the hotel to finish packing

Me: I really wish you weren't leaving dude, we're all going to miss you

Nash: I know man but its a family vacation but my parents let me bring Brittany

He started smiling

Me: you really like her don't you?

Nash: yea man, I really do, she just always makes me so happy and I.. I love her..

he was blushing and had the biggest smile on his face. He started to scratch the back of his neck and he only does that when he is either nervous, shy or hiding something.

I started laughing at him and he lightly pushed my back when I started to walk away

 I heard the door open then close as I headed towards the kitchen.

I made two bowls of cereal and headed back upstairs trying not wake everyone up that was sleeping downstairs.

When I walked into Julie's room she was on her phone, she looked up at me with an annoyed look on her face

Me: what?

I couldn't help but laugh

Julie: You posted a pic of me sleeping

She looked a little mad so I put the cereal down and jumped on her and started tickling her!

Julie POV


I was screaming laughing as loud as I could so he'd get off of me!

Cameron practically broke the door open "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"

Taylor: you mad bro?!

Taylor and I were laughing at his comment, Cam just rolled his eyes

Cam: It's fucking 9:30 in the mourning, if your going to  have sex, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

Taylor: we weren't going to do that Cam, I was just tickling her

Cam: I don't care, yall are loud as hell!

Cam went back to his room and Taylor just laid next me and started to brushed my hair back as he looked me in the eyes.. he started to lean in slowly

I grabbed his the back of his neck and pulled him to where our lips were together moving sync.

He rolled over to where he was on top of me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist..

The kiss deepened and his tongue  slide across my lip so I opened my mouth a little more to allow him access.

He pushed his hands up my thighs under my shorts and started moving his hips

Oh I loved when he did that...

I moaned a little and I feel him smiling in the kiss..

I pulled away " Cam said no sex"

I smiled at him and tried to get up, he pulled me back down and pinned my hands down, he kissed me one more time and I don't know why but that kiss was different, in a good way..

he pulled away with a smirk on his face

I got up and headed to the shower, once I got out I laid next to Taylor with a sports bra and his sweatpants and we just watched movies the whole day. I loved it..

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