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"Mmm! These gumdrops are so good!" I called out to no-one in particular. I was currently stood on a massive candyfloss cloud, presumably in Heaven... or Hell. The last thing I remember was being in the bank held at gunpoint, by a thief of course. I had no close family and my life wasn't that great but I wish I hadn't been shot.

I turned to look at the world surrounding me. It is much, much better. There are chocolate falls, minty grass patches, toffee apple trees, marshmallow flowers and everything you could ever imagine in a candy land. I feel like Homer right now.

What amazes me most though, are the beautiful pink unicorns, who wander through Ice-cream valley. All they do is eat the delicious, cold dessert.

I've never been too close to them though, who knows what they'd do to me. Yes I know, unicorns are meant to be nice but a couple of hours back, I saw a unicorn rip a rabbit to shreds. It was disgusting! I'm guessing they want meat. I've had a few theories though. I think we are led to believe that unicorns love rainbows and colours but it's a trap. It's such a perfect way to lure in fresh meat.

I'm really scared, as well as happy. If only I could live here without those unicorns in the way. I devised a plan to escape though. If you look past Ice-cream Valley, you can just make out a door. I need to get there.

It's only a matter of days before they smell me. I've pre-packed lots of food and some flavoured water from the rainbow river. The only weapons I have managed to make, are some gumball bombs, a jelly surprise, apple blades and a toffee blaster. Not much but it'd have to do.

Tomorrow. I'd go tomorrow. The caramel sun was beginning to set already. I made my way to the glacier mint cave I'd built, for protection and looked outside once more. Sure it looked gorgeous in the day but at night, the unicorns would come out to hunt and I wasn't prepared to become their midnight snack. I draped the soft, candyfloss blanket over myself and drifted off to sleep.

"What? Ugh..." The sound of honey bees woke me up, at the crack of dawn and I needed to get going. I walked to Rainbow River and splashed my face with the flavoured water, grabbed my bag and headed to the first obstacle, ready to make my escape. "This is going to take a loooooooong while." I thought to myself.

First obstacle, Colliding cookies. Just like in the name, I have to jump from cookie to cookie, as they collided. It was really dangerous and I couldn't help but stumble on the first one. "Come on, you can do this!" I tied my long hair back with a jello scrunchie and leapt on to the second one. My foot missed and I had to grab on to a rising chocolate chip, to help me up. After what felt like hours of jumping, I eventually made it to Toffee territory.

It was miles long and if you touched it, you would immediatelty stick to it and you definitely wouldn't be able to escape. "You look hungry." I nervously chuckled as I spotted the skeleton of what I presumed was a man in front of me. I stole a quick glance at my sides and nearly barfed, as I took in what I saw. Everywhere, there were decaying bodies and rotting flesh stuck to the sticky trap. How could I NOT notice the smell?

Something caught my eye though. A small, fleshy figure stood a few steps in front of me and it was clutching a note in their almost skeletal hand. How am I going to get it? I rummaged in my backpack and took out the jelly surprise. molded them in to shoes and put them on my feet. If I can't walk across it, then surely I can jump across it!

Carefully, I placed one foot on to the toffee. It didn't stick! Hurrah! Now brave, I jumped in to the air. "WHOAAAAAA!' I giggled as I leapt high, so high, I felt as if I was flying, then I began to fall. "Fall? Ahhhhhhh!"

I tried to make my feet face the toffee, as I descended. It wouldn't work. Hurriedly fumbling through my backpack, while I was upside down proved to be quite a challenge. I picked out the toffee blaster. Thank God! I only had one bullet, so I had to do this right. Aiming down, I shot where I would soon meet my death. "Yes!" I cheered as I hit the target. Candyfloss was revealed underneath, as I landed in its fluffiness. "Thank you!" I said and kissed the gun.

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