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herro lovelies! I am a different author since there are two people working on this story :) anyway im Shark249 and if you've heard of me then thats great! I do have a fangic called Hybrid Love! Anyway enough of me and lets get this story going!


Niall's POV

 I laid down on my bed with the guitar laid beside me and his number on my stomach. I don't know if I should call him or text him. Should I? I sighed deeply and closed my eyes slowly before the door bell rang. I groaned and galnced out my room and at the front door. "Maybe just five more minutes," I mumbled to myself and closed my eyes again before the bell rang continuously. "Damn you Tomlinson!" I shouted as I jogged toward the door and unlocked it. I opened the door to my flat and saw Louis just smiling innocently. "Hi," he chirped and I rolled my eyes. "Hey Lou," I sighed and opened the door wider for him to come in. 

He literally skipped into my flat and kicked off his blue toms. Toms as always. "Lou if your gonna talk about the curly fry boy at the fucking bakery shop then get out!" I exclaimed jokingly as I closed the door behind me and locked it. I walked into the living room and saw Louis bouncing anxiously on the couch. I groaned mentally and sat on the love seat before getting my phone out, getting ready for Louis to talk about the curly headed boy and how 'damn cute' he is.

I got Liam's number from in my pocket and put his number into my phone once Louis started blabbering about that dude. I mean, he sees him almost every other day and he come's to me to talk about him. Its annoying and I hope to get him a lady friend to talk about him to her. I will do that soon until he steals his heart. I nodded as he kept talking as I pondered about which name I can use as Liam's contact name. I smiled once it popped into my mind and I tapped away. "Leeyum," I giggled as I typed it in. "Niall are you listening?" Louis asked and I just nodded. He continued on blabbering about him and I snorted slightly.

Its funny how he bought it. Probaby because he's too caught up on who he's always talking about. I rubbed my face and started texting him.

Nialler: Hey Li! :)

                                            Leeyum: oh hey Ni! Need any help with anything?

Nialler: Oh no not really. Well kinda necause my best mate here Louis is talking about this curly headed boy which is making me suffer. H E L P

                                            Leeyum: haha sorry mate I can't really help you with that x3

Nialler: *pouts* noooo come help meeee drag me awayyyyyy

                                           Leeyum: be your savior?

Nialler: yes please! And bring Nandos with ye?

                                          Leeyum: haha I could but im still at work. Sorry mate 

Nialler: You suck! Making me suffer by hearing all this bubbly lovey stuff by my best mate

                                         Leeyum: Okay okay I'll come over once my shift is done. Address?

My eyes widened. Oh shit. I was joking by that time! Well...not for the most part but still. I typed in my address quickly.

Nialler: don't forget the Nandos Lili!! 

                                           Leeyum: Trust me I won't ;) See ya in a few Xx

I let out a small breath that I was holding in. I felt myself get nervous with sweaty palms and my face getting hot as I felt my cheeks go slightly pink. Wait a minute, why am I getting nervous all of a sudden? I shook at the nervousness and sighed deeply. He's just another mate Niall. Nothing more. "NIALL!" Louis shouted and I squeaked before landing on my bum. "Ow! What the hell do you want?" I muttered as I stood up and rubbed my bum. "Have you been paying attention for the past hour?" He asked and my brows furrowed. 

"Its been an hour already?" I asked and he rolled his eyes. "Nope. It's only been thirty minutes," he chirped and I sighed. "Okay but I'm gonna have a visitor come over here," I informed.

"The Nando's chef?" 


"Pizza man?"

"Not even close."

"Then who?!" he asked impatiently and I chuckled. "It's just a mate fro the guitar shop," I explained. 

"Is he cute?" was the first thing out of Louis mouth.

"Louis oh my God you know I'm not gay!" I groaned, blushing like mad. 

"Liar" he coughed and I blushed further.

"Shut up and get out of my flat Tommo" I huffed. He threw his hands up in defense but got to his feet. 

"Call me after your date Ni" he chirped, ducking out of my apartment before I could slap him.

"Prick." I mumbled to myself before starting to straighten up the flat for Liam's visit

I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter that my best friend and babe Shark249 and I put together :) don't forget to vote and comment! ^.^ <3 xx

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