[faith] [June 23, 2014]

     “So, you like him?” I smiled at Amber with wide eyes, waiting for her response. She only slowly nodded, too busy is fixing her hair right. I hadn’t asked her where she was off to, but maybe she was just going around to look and all. We just arrived in Amsterdam and even though the flight was short, sitting in one place for a couple of hours makes you want to roam around. She told me about her and Niall’s day out and that they had gone to the ferry in Paris. She came back into the hotel, her looking practically like a tomato and Niall who was smiling so wide, I thought his face was going to break.

    “I do, but it’s too soon for anything so I’ll wait,” I nodded understanding. If you see, it’s only been a week and little more since she broke up with Trent and if she starts dating Niall so soon, it’s not going to do her good. I’m talking not only for their own good, but also from the world’s perspective. As of now no one remembers Amber, but it doesn’t take the fans and media to know stuff about anyone newly related to the boys much time. “Okay, bye.”


   “Where are you off to?” I smiled, as she grabbed her bag from the coffee table, heading towards the door.


   “Going out with Niall.” She grinned, but it caused me to frown. I wouldn’t normally have a problem with her going to see Niall. In fact, I completely, fully support them. But now I do. And I have a practical reason. Ever since she became friends with him, it’s like I don’t really exist. I feel like a roommate. I feel like I’m one of those annoying roommates you don’t like, because that’s what it is like. She doesn’t do it on purpose, but she should start thinking about the others around and her and look around the person who has the spotlight on.


   “Wait—” I shut my mouth, not sure if I wanted to say this to her. Because by the way I know her, she’ll probably storm out. But before I could even think of backing off, she turned around and stared, waiting for a continuation. “You.. um, are we ever going to.. hang out, maybe?” I asked.


   “What do you mean?” She sighed, leaning against the wall.


   “I mean.. you’ve only been hanging out with Niall, you know? I know you like him, and I support you guys. But like, we don’t hang out as much anymore..” I shrugged. She just stared at me for a few seconds like that, before she cracked a smile. A sarcastic one, that is.


   “Are you kidding me?” She huffed, her hands on her hips. “We hung out practically everyday before the tour because you were leaving for months again. Was I going to get a dream that I would be joining you? You called me and asked me to take up the job and now if I’m hanging out with someone else and that being your own friend, you don’t like it?”


   “No, I—”


   “Oh, forget it,” She left with a loud slam of the door, as deep silence spread around. After a little bit of sitting blankly, I let out a long sigh. I should be used to this, because it’s exactly what happened when she met Trent first. She didn’t tell me she had met a guy, so I had started thinking that she had suddenly changed, and didn’t want to be around me or anything. She always does this, but it’s not on purpose either. It’s this new friend stage, as Hannah calls it.

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