Chapter 4

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Pier and Andrea walked to the kitchen avoiding unnecessary noise.

"We have 10 occupants in the house as of the moment, including you, me, doc Xander and Klauss whom you've met a while ago." Andrea said. "That's Clarisse" Pointing at a blonde woman sitting in front of the TV who said hi in return. "William's the one cleaning guns and Chris is the one tuning the car." Andrea pointed at the guys when they passed by the garage who didn't seem to notice them. "And the others are asleep. Karen and Jacob's room are on the opposite of our hallway." Andrea pointed across the room as they arrive at the dining table. "We have fish, potatoes and gravy, bread and warm mushroom soup." She told him.

"I'll have them all." Pier answered.

 Minutes later, Pier was ravishing everything at the table as Andrea sat across him, waiting for him to start asking any questions.

"Who cooked these?" Pier asked between bites.

"Clarisse mainly cooks food, she's the homemaker one." Andrea answered.

"The way you answered makes me think that everybody has a job here"

"That would be correct."

"What do you do?"

Andrea blushed. "I just do what else that's need to be done" She shrugged.

"Like babysit Pier. Right?"

"I'm not babysitting you. I like taking care of you." When Pier looked are her, she quickly added "We were partners remember?" 

"Ah, but the doctor said easy on the memories. There you go again!" Pier said jokingly. "Who's house is this anyway?"

"Chris found this house. We tinkered with it a bit and made it our home-base." She answered shortly.

"Like a rest house of some sort?" Pier asked in between sips of his soup.

"Yes, you can call it that." 

"Is it always you people that's occupying this house or are there others?"

"Just us for the time being. The others have their own places which nobody knows. It's hard to trust anyone"

"Speaking of trust, why should I trust you anyway?"

"I don't know, you tell me. If I was in your place, I wouldn't trust me."

"That's encouraging."

"You were always the..." Andrea cut herself, not wanting to introduce memories.

"The soft one. Right? You always tell me that. Don't worry, I remembered that on my own. " 

Andrea smiled. "What does it feel like...?" It was her turn to ask. "To remember?"

Pier stopped eating. "What do you mean?"

"I don't...we don't get to remember things. It's either we know or we don't. There's no memory to gather."

"What does that feel like?"

Andrea thought for a while. "It feels like needing a knife and opening a drawer and finding a knife. Actually, finding everything you will ever need in there. There are no other drawers, and there are no other things that you will ever need."

"But what if you need a butcher's knife?"

"Then the butcher's knife would be there."

"What if it isn't?"

"Then I won't ever need it. I wouldn't even know of its existence on the first place."

"Then how would you know that you've already known everything that's there to be known about?"

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