White Rose

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"Thank god it's Friday" is normally how react to the weekend, I kinda hate it as it involves a lot of studying. I work in the local supermarket at the tills and right now it's 8:30 pm, not many people are here so my till is empty. 15 more minutes until I can leave.

An elderly man approached my till with a bouquet of white roses, milk and bread.

"Good evening sir, would you like a bag?" I asked as I greeted the man.

"Oh, yes please" he answered.

I scanned his items and put them in the bag. I recognise the man, he struggles to walk and carry things I see him atleast once a week in the store.

"The total is €7.50"

He handed me the money and tried lifting the bag but appeared to be struggling.

"Would you like a hand? My shift is over now I can drop you home if you'd like" I suggested.

"Oh no I'll be fine, don't worry about me I'm not going home yet thank you for your kind offer though" the man said giving me a small smile.

"Don't worry, I'll bring you where ever you need I'm not in a hurry" I offered.

He took me up on my offer and I carried the bag in one hand and helped him walk with the other he carried the roses in his hand as we approached my car.

In the car we chatted, he told me his name was Jim and that he was 75 years old which took me by surprise considering the time it is and he's out about walking alone.

Jim directed me to where he was going me when we arrived he told me to wait in the car and so I did. I watched as we walked off holding the roses in one hand. 10 minutes had passed and I was getting very worried so went in the direction Jim went until I spotted him sitting on a bench. I let out a breathe I didn't know I was holding.

Jim was talking but I wasn't sure to who or what he was talking to as I approached he told me to take a seat and so I did.

"Jim are you ok? You had me so worried"

"I'm fine, I have someone I'd like you to meet" Jim spoke but I didn't respond

"This is Rita, she's my wife every Friday I would bring her home white roses, their her favourite. I started bringing them home to her a week after we got married 50 years ago and I promised to bring them home to her every Friday and I kept that promised, she was so beautiful I never broke that promise" Jim explained, his voice was soft almost a whisper.

I looked at Rita's picture, she really was beautiful and she looked really young in this photo. The writing on her grave stone read

"In loving memory of Rita Gregg who sadly passed away on the 20th of April 1970.

A loving daughter, wife and mother who will be sadly missed"

"She was young when she died, she died giving birth to our child she passed away during labour and our son Toby he passed away 2 days later" Jim explained.

"Oh Jim I'm sorry" I tried to console him

"No no don't be it's not your fault...you know some people asked why I didn't move on and find some one else but the thing is Rita is my wife I can't love anyone else but Rita and our son Toby, she died 44 years ago and I never once broke my promise to bring her flowers, and Toby I visit him every Sunday right after mass but the doctor said I can't keep doing this leaving the home late at night in the freezing cold by myself" Jim explained, he looked really upset.

"I'll take you in my car, every Friday and I'll bring blankets so you won't be cold or alone" I offered.

5 years later ~

Jim is 30 minutes late for our weekly trip to Rita so I decided to go his home, the nurse escorted me to his room where I found him connected to all these monitors holding white roses, he looked like he was in pain.
I walked to his bed side and looked at him sadly.
"Jennifer I never told you but you remind me so much of Rita your so kind and good hearted, your like a child of my own, take these roses and give them to Rita and tell her I'll be joining her soon and that I can't wait to be with her again, I'll never forget you Jennifer. Rita, Toby and I will be watching over you all the time until we meet again Jennifer remember i am always by your side"

Jim spoke really quietly before I could respond the monitors started screaming and doctors came rushing into the room I backed up into the corner watching as they tried to bring him back but it was too late he was gone to be reunited with his family.

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