Chapter 3

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Jo Jo phone call interrupted my music session.

*Start of phone convo*

Me: Yo!

Jo Jo: Come out. I'm pulling up on yo street now.

Me: Iight

*End of phone convo*

I put my beats up, grabbed my bag, and left out the door without my moms knowing. Jo Jo pulled up in his car and I hopped in.

Me: Go to Walmart so I can get us some gloves.

Jo Jo: Why we need gloves foo?!

Me: So we won't leave no fingerprints.

Jo Jo: Iight bet Bro.

After that convo, I didn't talk no more. I just plugged up my phone to his radio and played my music. I got my mind focused until we pulled up at Walmart.

We pulled up at walmart. Then we got out the car and walked in the store. We went to a worker and asked where is y'all gloves at?

Worker: On aisle 7.

We walked to aisle 7 and got 2 pairs of black leather gloves. We went to the cash register and payed for it. At the cash register it was this light skinned, fine ass, 16 year old looking worker and she had a messy bun in her hair. I know we had business to take care of but that can wait.

Worker: Hey y'all.

She said that shit in a proper sweet voice. I was thinkinking Damn her voice soft as hell.

Me and Jo Jo: Wassup!

We put the gloves on the conveyor belt and she rung it up.

Worker: $4.53

I pulled out my money and she looked at it with awe! I gave her a $5 and told her to keep the change. She gave Jo Jo the bag. I finally tried to get her number.

Me: Wats yo name?

Jo Jo: C'mon man we got shit to do and you holding up the line!

Me: Ion care Jo Jo! Go to the car!

She started to laugh.

Worker: My name Paris.

Me: You got a cute name and you cute too! I tell you what! Put your number and name in my phone for me.

I gave her my phone and she smiled. Then she started to type her name and number in there.

Me: And before you save it let me add some emojis to yo name.

She gave me my phone and I put a heart, heart eyes, and a ring emoji. I then showed her and she smiled.

Paris: Ok. Text me later!

Me: Ok ma.

I blew a kiss at her and left out the door. I went to the car and Jo Jo was mad at me.

Jo Jo: Nigga we got shit to do and you getting a number!

Me: Nigga shut yo ass up and drive me to 54th St. so we can get in this nigga ass!

Even though Jo Jo was 2 years older than me I still wasn't scared of his ass. He was like a brother to me so it wasn't none to cuss his ass out!

We pulled up to 54th St. and we rode down the street looking for that nigga house. I saw his car in one of the houses driveway so we pulled up over there. Me and Jo Jo stayed in the car and got ready. We put on our gloves and I put my Louis bag on my back.

Me: U ready Jo?

Jo Jo: Yea

Me: Lets get it then

We walked up to his door and knocked. He came to the door, cracked it, and peeped out. As soon as I seen his eyes a rush of anger came through my body and I pushed the door so we could get in there all the way. He tried to hold back but me and Jo Jo was too strong. When we got in the house Jo Jo started punching him and had him on the ground. I took my book bag off and started hitting the shit out his ass.

Me: Jo Jo go get a chair out the kitchen! And give me that duct tape out my bag!

Jo Jo got the chair and duct tape while I beat the shit out of him! Jo Jo sat the chair in the living room and Jo Jo helped me tape him up. I tied his arms behind his back and feet up. Then Jo Jo helped me put himinthe chair then I got the rope and tied him to the chair tight!

Then it was time to torture that nigga.

Me: Why the fuck you put yo hands on my momma?!

Kel: Ian put my hands on yo momma man!

I hit his ass just for lying!

Me: Bitch don't lie to me!

Kel: Ian lying man!!

Me: Jo Jo pass me my gun!

Jo Jo gave me my strap and I cocked it and put it to his head.

Me: Ima ask you one more time! Why you put yo hands on my momma cuhh?!?!

Kel: I-Iight! Cuz she told me she didn't want me no more and I got mad!

Me: Bitch she don't want you! so you pushed my moms cuz she don't want yo buming ass?! Oh Hell nawl! Jo what you think I should do to this fuck nigga!?

Jo Jo: Handle yo business lil Bro!

Kel: Boo! Im sorry!

Me: Bitch Yeen hit me so don't say that shit to me! You know what im bout to call moms now!

Jo Jo: Naww don't do that Bro!

Me: Nawl fuck that! This bitch bout to apologize to her!

I called my moms and put her on speaker. It rung until finally I got a answer!

Me: Ma! Somebody got to tell you sum!

Mom: Where are you?!  And who?!

Kel: Im sorry for putting my hand on you! I Swear to god I am!

Mom: Who the fu...

*End of convo*

I aimed the gun at him and he started to cry! Why the fuck he crying now he wasn't crying when he touched my momma!

Me: Jo Jo should I shoot him?!

Jo Jo: Naww don't kill him! Just beat his ass some more!

I put the gun in my bag and I stole off that nigga! I tried to knock hiss fuck ass out! Then I grabbed his jaws and told him ion want to see his bitch ass no mo! Then I sat his phone in his lap!

Me: When you get out that's when you can call whoever the fuck you want!

Me and Jo Jo walked out the door and left! He took me back home. I walked in the house and ignored everybody! My mom and sister looked worried but I just walked to my room and I called Paris. I told her all what happened and why we bought the gloves. And I told her I might go to detention center for it too. But today was Friday and I was trying to go somewhere tomorrow. I asked her could we go to the mall and movies tomorrow and she said yes! I told her I was going to call her in the morning and goodnight.

After getting off the phone, I thought about the day! I thought so much that I fell asleep and didn't even know!

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