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Being a vampire has its upsides. I don't age, I don't get sick, I'm fast and I'm strong.

There are downsides though. I'm not accepted by humans, I can't be outside in the sun for long and then there's the whole 'Dad trying to marry me off to some vampire prince' situation. My brother, sister and myself have grown up under the strict rules of our father.

To be honest, I was getting sick of not being able to make my own decisions by the time my father decided to marry me off, but there was nothing I could really do to stop it.

" Julianna!" Here we go again.

" Yes father?" I replied in a less than enthusiastic manner. He was a complete control freak and I was spirited. I mean, I did enjoy wearing all black and I did like our old gothic castle, I just didn't enjoy all of the stupid, pointless out of date traditions I was forced to take part in. Of course my little sister, Julietta (My mother and father are very creative.) loved it, she was a complete daddy's girl and never went without anything she wanted. He doted on her. My older brother, Julian however, was much like me, he didn't agree with much that my father said, but he didn't really argue with it either.

" I want you to meet another suitor tonight, at the ball." He said, without even looking up from his paper. 'The Weekly Bloodfest' We live in a country with humans, well it's more of an island, but there are so many vampires that we don't hide from them. They ignore the attacks and in return, we don't slaughter them all and avoid all humans under the age of twenty-one. It's a rather elegant system-if I do say so myself. At the tender age of sixteen, which is practically a baby in the world of vampires, I have very little authority among our people, but I did have enough power to persuade the 'Society' to raise the age of...well legal two years. Not a popular decision but I can be very persuasive.

" When don't you want me to meet suitors?" I retorted, heatedly.

" not provoke me." He sighed, cracking his neck. He was getting older. Nearly four hundred, a young vampire but worn thin by battles and wars His black hair was sleeked back in a style that I he hasn't changed since the late eightys and his soulless eyes were ringed in black circles. He was dead after all. The only physical feature I really shared with my father was my pale skin, but where he looked ill and tired, I looked more doll like: skin like porcelain; golden hair that fell in soft curls to my waist; and blue eyes that could fool any human that I was just like them. I looked nothing like a vampire. I was the complete opposite of what they see as perfection. Most of them didn't care, except my father, he was constantly trying to make me dye my hair, or at least cut it to a more...controlled length.

" I am sixteen. I do not need a husband and I definitely do not need Daddy dearest to find me one." With that I turned on my heel and stormed out of the room, slamming the old oak door behind me.

" Another possible brother in law?" Julian said, startling me. I'd made my way to my room and was about to change when he spoke up.

" Trust me, he is not a possibility. Dad chose him, and what are you doing in my room, creepy?" He was sprawled casually on my bed, his dyed blue hair almost blinding his black eyes. Like me he was born blonde, but of course he dyed his hair to avoid the wrath of our parents.

" It's not creepy, I just wanted to tell you that me and some friends are going...swimming, after the ball." He told me with a smirk. 'swimming' meant a group of teenage vampires going to the old lagoon in the mountains and jumping from the highest rock you dared. It was like a game, but the first to chicken out gets thrown from the highest point. Usually falling far enough to kill a human.

" Is that an invitation or an update?" I asked which a slight laugh.

" Invitation. Daryus is going on about seeing you again." He smirked and shot a wink in my direction, which earned him a sharp punch to the gut.

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