Wicked Garden (Kurt Cobain/Nirvana)

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It was muggy out,

No rain,but the sky was gray with dark clouds.

"Washington."dad said as he got some stuff from the moving truck and brought it into the house.

"Choose a room Jay!"he yelled to me as I walked in.

I went upstairs and looked around at the rooms,

I walked in a large room with a window showing the front yard and another window showing the back yard.

"Dad!Im taking the white room up stairs!"I yelled.

"Okay!Get your stuff!"he yelled back.

I got up and went downstairs and outside to the moving truck.


-The Next Morning-

"Jayden!Get up!School!"my dad yelled from downstairs.

I sat up in my bed and stretched.

I got my clothes and walked to the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and got in.

After my shower I quickly got dressed in my usual clothes.

I brushed my teeth and walked downstairs,

Grabbing my lunch bag and my back pack.

"Have a good day."my dad said as I walked past him.

"Okay,love you."i said.

"Love you too."he said as I walked out the door,closing it behind me.

At the bus stop it was me and another kid.

A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes with a flannel shirt with a Beatles shirt underneath,wearing torn jeans and converses.

I was too shy to even say hi..

Wow Jay,WOW.



I walked into the school and went to my locker,

I unlocked the lock and looked at my schedule.

"Science..then math..great."i said rolling my eyes.

I got my 2 binders,my notebook,a pencil,pen,and my daily planner and walked to my homeroom.

I walked up to the teacher,

"Hi,I'm the new student.Jayden Cook."I said.

"Welcome Jayden!I'm Mr.Horne.You sit right behind the young man with the blonde hair right there."he said pointing to the kid that was at my bus stop.

I walked to my desk and sat down at my seat.

Mr.Horne then walked to the front of the room and stood with a clipboard and paper with a pen in his hand.

Mr.Horne scrolled through the list,

Until a name caught my attention.

"Kurt Cobain?"

That's when the boy raised his hand,so,his name is Kurt?

"Jayden Cook."people looked at me as I raised my hand.

Well,I was the new kid.

Mr.Horne continued through the list,

Checking people absent or present.

After that he let us talk for the remaining part of homeroom.

I sat there and waited for the bell to go to class.

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