"Harry?" Vic says as I drops the towel he used to dry his hands off.

I start to laugh as they both look at me confused ," no this is Edward , Vic don't be rude , say hi" I say pushing him to Edward.

"Edward can I talk to you in the other room please , meanwhile Teagen go and get the mail please its only 5 minuet away. I need to talk to Edward alone" he says the last part through gritted teeth

"Um ok" I say questioningly heading out , making a right at the end of the street.


Pushing Harry against the apartment walls I hear a loud bang.

"THE FUCK MAN" Harry yells pushing me to the ground with all his strength.

"No tell me why are you with Teagen? I told joy to leave her alone.

She's like a sister to me, and I know your a psycho so i don't want you near her" I say through my gritted teeth, my face fuming with anger.

He starts laughing , smirking even,

"Oh Vic you know I always get what I want" he says shaking his head ,"and plus trust me I really like Teagen I would never hurt her like I did with Ashely" that son of a bitch says.

He knows not to bring her up.

That psychotic dick.


"Well let's just say Ashley was a really nice side bitch" he chuckles

My heart stops.

How could he talk about someone , a girl , like that. How could he be so cruel?

What's wrong with this dick?

"Just please don't hurt Teagen. She's all I got" I quietly say

"I know Vic. I know she's all you got And Ashley dying wasnt all my fault.

I know I got ashley involved but I'm sorry" he says reassuring , putting his hand on my shoulder.

This dude bipolar ? Fuck.

"Just you can't tell Teagen my real name other wise she WILL be involved if she knew Harry Styles" he says as I nod my head.

"Why would I know about Harry Styles?" Teagens tiny voice comes

From the front door.

Teagens P.O.V.

Walking back from the mailbox I turn the street to get back to the apartment.

Opening the door I feel relived no one is fighting or shouting and the apartment wasn't a mess.

"She will be involved if she knew Harry Styles" Edwards thick accent rings through the house.

"Why would I know about Harry?" my voice comes out quite shy.

"Uh - Edward? " Vic says asking Edward

"Cause doll , Harry knows everyone who walks down these streets and he is a bad person to get involved with" he says silently

"Well why? Whys he a bad person? " I ask

"Cause he just Is and its non of your business" Edward says fuming mad.

His teeth gritted. His face red.

I wince at what once was this fearless person who is now what seems like a monster.

"Edward calm down your scaring her" Vic says as Edwards expression softens and saddens realizing what he did.

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