Dear random person who has found my lost diary,

Hey thanks for finding my diary, whoever you are! It's a good thing that you found it or maybe it isn't. Maybe you're one of those people who finds people diaries and has decided to give it a peep and read it and tell everyone about the person's secrets.  Well whoever you may be, thanks, and I'd like to have my diary back.

But, I'm pretty sure you have no idea whose diary this is. Well hello there, nice to meet you and the names Macey Catherine Jones, or for short Mace. (Only my friends call me Mace, and by now, I don't really know if we're yet on those terms. But hey, if you decided to continue reading, then I guess we are going to be on those terms soon.)

If you know who I am then you can just skip the next few paragraphs and continue reading on. But for whoever you are, that doesn't know who I am well I guess I better describe myself. So hey I'm Macey, I used to have a dark brown hair but I dyed it into a navy blue shade back in middle school. My eyes are bright blue and they resemble the sky in the morning. Some people say that my eyes resemble the color of the ocean and a lot of people say that I have really pretty eyes.

Ha, yeah right.

Anyways, if you ever seen me around school I usually wear flannels and jeans. I don't really like showing off skin because it's just too uncomfortable for me and I just feel naked when I have some skin showing.

I'm not the type of person who likes showing off skin because it's just strange for me. But hey, if you wanted to see some skin from me, well too bad, you can go to  Scarlet Adams who just feels the need to have everybody see her chest. If you're reading this Scarlet, I'm sorry (not sorry) but it's true. So please don't show them off like their trophies. 

Anyways I bet you probably have an idea of who I am and if you don't still, then well maybe this will make you realize who I am. I hang out with Gavin Taylors quite a bunch, him and I are best friends more preciously.

Finally, I'm here to tell you that if rumors are out about me having a crush on him, well the truth is that they are true. 

I'm in love with my best friend. 


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