late nite talk

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hey bae how was the food?  it was good so would like to do it again some time ? yes I would love that.  when I came in the house the girls said you are home late ,where have you been? I've been everywhere with that man he is so much he so fine I love him to death so tell him how was the date did you kiss

oMG my gosh we kissed alright then and he have some smooth lips his lips are like the ocean oh my gosh I would lay on it all day and I just have to tell yall the rest in the morning in sleepy goodnight girls.

she sleepy alright. jazmin I bet u ten he gone call u tonight lmao ok its on. *ring ring*  hey ma, hey jaz how was your date tonight I heard the girls told me and your father . ma it was wonderful and he is such a gentleman im going to meet his mother tomorrow well im tired ma love u see u tomorrow after I see his parents byee!

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