Apophis pov-(zuri's father)

"Yes sir" said one of the demons servants .
" where is my daughter ....zuri" I asked agitated.

She didn't appear for days now and I still sense her in the country .

" sir, last time we saw her , she was in the woods with a human man" he answered.

" feeding on him" I asked.

" no sir" and he looked away.

When I saw the demon face , I understood what was going on between them. But that can't happen to Zuri .

"No...no" I said thinking out loud.
I don't want her to suffer like I did. At the beginning it feels amazing and it starts easily and nicely but it ends always in tragedy way and it leaves a big hole of agony in your heart. I don't want her to feel that pain I felt.

Oh Zola ..., I don't  want our child to pass the same situation , it's hard and terrible.

" send me Abyzou...this instance" I ordered sternly.

She help me to separate them before it's too late , I know at beginning it' ll hurt my Zuri but later she'll forget and be stronger. I hope it's the right choice ...Zola I need you every minute , you would know what to do in these kind of situations.... I missed you.

" yes my lord" she said smirking.

"Hello my dear, come closer. We have something to do" I said with fake smile on my face.

She bowed and came closer and I gave  her the freedom to sit beside me, although I know she have ways to play with demons male mind but I had to make her comfortable to help me in my plan.

" Here is what I want you to do. I want you to kidnap a human guy while Zuri is hunting" I said guarded.

" one more thing, I don't want you to harm my girl.... All I want is , that human to disappear from her life" I continued .

" I understand my lord" she smirked.

" And no one should know about our litter meeting " I said strictly.

She gave me her half smile and bowed nicely .

"Sure my lord" she said.

" you can go now " I said .

I hope it'll be done soon and this nightmare finishes fast.

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