"God, Julia, I will never understand why girls fall head over heels in love with him," I scrunched my eyebrows up in frustration and contained the temptation that's rising in me; running over to where Zayn Malik is, and strangling him.

"Zendaya!" Julia placed both of her hands on my shoulders and shook me hard. She looked as though she had just received the biggest shock of her life. "Zayn is...he's... Have you seen his eyes?! His smile?! God, Zen! It's no wonder you haven't gotten yourself a boyfriend! Your expectations are just too high!"

"For my own good," I added on nodding lightly.

"So that you'll grow old and lonely because you'll be all by yourself," she gasped, "forever!"

I pulled a long face at her before slinging my bag over my shoulder. "Whatever you say, Julia. I'm sure the perfect guy I'm expecting is out there in the world, waiting for me. Plus, I'm just nineteen! I'm still too young to talk about marriage and all."

"Don't you know that it's the latest trend getting married and having kids as early as possible?" She responded with her eyebrows furrowed.

I nodded. "But that doesn't make any thing any much cooler! It just...somewhat gives you a bad impression. Giving birth to a child in the mid twenties is alright, but nineteen? Just shoot me."

"Goodness, Zen. Goo- holy bird, Zayn Malik is coming!" She turned us around and started slapping my arm like there's no tomorrow. I am so sick of this. I am so sick of his "coolness" and everything. This might be the only opportunity.

I spun around and looked at him...and you know what's weird? He was already looking at me before I even looked at him. Too many "looks" now. "Hey, Zayn Malik, or whoever you are! Will you stop trying to act cool and trying to attract all of the girls in this school? It's annoying. It really, really is. Gah, just stop, please, stop. And for your information, I haven't fallen for you and I never will!"

I drew in a breath and let it out, satisfied with what I'd just said. But, I was unsatisfied when the Julia next to me seemed like she was starting to have a spasm.

"Why did you do that?!" She squeaked, her voice so high that it's practically inaudible. Yes, inaudible!

"Because, he. Is. Getting. On. My. Nerves!" I responded, extremely irritated by everything.

"Oh, shit. Zen- " She got cut off when someone whispered into my ear from behind.

"Your short's unzipped," he chuckled lightly, the smell of cigarette smoke thick in his breath. "I know you're just jealous because every girl wants me but you can't get me." He snickered before walking away, without taking a second glance back, as though nothing had happened. Oh my God.

I swear I felt the vains in my arms and body and my head, burst in anger. The sight of him, the smell of him, the feeling of him just infuriates me. "GOD, I HATE ZAYN MALIK!" I screamed out loud, not caring if anybody heard; like anybody would hear  ─ school's ended already and everyone's already gone.

"You see, Julia?! Is that the kind of guy you tend to fall for? Look! He's evil! And arrogant, oh Lord." I tried to knock some sense into her head, but it wasn't working.

"It's the first time I've been so close to him," she dizzily said, a dreamy smile plastered on her lips, "and he's a Bradford bad boy. I likey."

I made a disgusted face and shoved her away from me, "Ew! I don't have no best friend like you! You could totally fall for Niall or Liam but why him?! God.

"Or you could fall for Harry who's eighteen; your age! Or, or you could fall for our ex-senior, Louis Tomlinson, who's now in College, I think? That guy who gives out the instant gay-aura when you're with him, but he's not one?"

"Wait, wait, wait. Too fast, go slow," then her eyes widened when she realized what she had just said; how wrong it sounded. Glad she knows. "I mean, speak slower. Gosh."

"You know what? Let's just go."


"Zen, lend me your phone, will ya?" Julia asked right after she was done with her homework. Eh, it's not like I'm gonna use it any time now, so whatever.


For the next ten minutes, I continued doing my homework until Julia said she had to go back home because her parents were already at home waiting for her to start dinner.

I narrowed my eyes at her pace of movement; how fast she hurried out of my room and out of my house. Something's not right. I picked my phone up from the study table and got on Facebook.

One new message.

From who? I poked on it.


Zayn J. Malik

So I see someone's starting to like me, huh?


Zendaya Stone 

What? No! I've always liked you! ♥


Zayn J. Malik

You just proved something.


Zendaya Stone

And what did I prove? :)


Zayn J. Malik

That you're not Zendaya.

User has gone offline


Zendaya Stone

But I am! :(


Okay, so one thing for sure; I'M NEVER LENDING MY PHONE TO JULIA AGAIN. Second thing, SHE'S NOT MY BEST FRIEND ANYMORE. Third thing, I'm not sure of how Zayn Malik knows me well. I mean, he knew it wasn't me when "I" replied to him. But most boys would have assumed it was me. But how did he know it wasn't me?

I shook those thoughts away and charged my phone. God, it's so gonna be awkward tomorrow... Oh, wait. Oh, YES! It's a Saturday tomorrow! Aha, sucker! Maybe I'll just forgive Julia this once.

"With your face, and your beautiful eyes, and the conversation with the little white lies, and the faded picture of a beautiful night. You carried me from your car, up the stairs, and I broke down crying was she worth this mess? After everything in that little black dress; after everything I must confess... I need you."

My phone rang. I could've answered when Taylor Swift sang until the part, "Little white lies", but I just love that song so much that I had to make the caller wait, and answer the call only after the song ended.

"Hello?" I answered with a smile because of the wonderful song.

"Oh my God, Zendaya, I'm so sorry about the whole Facebook thing!" Julia.

"Huh? What Facebook thing?" I pretended to be dumb, as though I didn't know that the conversation happened.

"Wait, you don't...or didn't know?" And then I can imagine her pulling her most famous face: Why did I just tell her that? I could've kept my mouth shut and she wouldn't know. Ever!

"Were you not planning to tell me if I hadn't found out? My God, Julia. I hate you so much. Ugh, goodbye!"  And my mood is officially ruined again.

I hate my school life.

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