Selena POV

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I shouted, quickly running into my room, hearing Harley's cries as I walk toward his crib.
"Oh, someone's awake" I cooed after looking down in the crib, Harley looking at me with his emerald green eyes before he starts to whimper again.
"Okay, okay I got you" I picked up Harley's tiny frame as I hold him carefully in my arms, finally calming him down. He, again, looks at me with his bright green eyes, gurgling silently making me chuckle, kissing his little forehead.
"Well good morning to you too" I turn and walked out of my room, into the living room where Liam and Danielle are sitting on the couch, drinking some tea before they look up and notice Harley in my arms.
"There's that little football player" Liam smiles, making me chuckle as I walk over to the kitchen, where Zayn is sitting at the table and eating he's breakfast. Yes, Zayn did move in with us. Where did you think he was going when he moved out of his house? With us, of course.
"Good morning"
"Good morning, good morning bud" Zayn greets me, before he coos at Harley. I walk over to the refrigerator, opening it before taking out Harley's bottle then closing it.
"Sleep well this time?" Danielle asked, walking over to the sink, placing both hers and Liam's mugs in the sink.
"No, Harley woke me up three times last night. He's one hungry baby, and a pooper" I chuckled, putting the bottle in the microwave, waiting for it to heat up.
"It's been three weeks, you've been exhausted. You should just take a little break, I can take care of Harley for you"
"No, it's fine. I can handle it, I've been handling it for three weeks now"
"Nonstop though, you haven't took a break since! Come on Sel, let us help you" Zayn pleaded, Liam nodding in agreement as he walks over to the counter. The microwave stops and beeps, making me turn around and head towards it.
"Woah, Woah missy. I'll take it from here, you go sit down and watch some tv or something" Liam stops me, opens the microwave, takes out the bottle and slightly shakes it before placing it on the counter.
"Liam, you don't ha-"
"It's fine, I got this. Come here, bud" Liam coos at Harley, carefully taking him from my arms as he now holds him in his. Harley gurgles, moving his arms as Liam coos, smiling at him while gently rocking him.
"Fine, but if you need anything-"
"I got it under control"
"But just call me whenever he cries-"
"He'll be sleeping by the time he finishes his bottle. Just sit down and relax, already"
"Come on Sel, follow Dani" Danielle smirks, grabbing my hand and shaking her shoulders, walking towards the couch which her little dance did make me chuckle.
"What's on tv?" Zayn jumps on the couch, landing beside me as I rolled my eyes, playfully slapping his arm.
"That's what were about to check, right now" Danielle picked up the tv remote as she starts switching from channel to channel. While she was doing that, and Zayn arguing on what good stuff she passed, I turn my head around to see how Liam and Harley was doing. Liam was sitting down on a chair, holding Harley in his arms as he's feeding him his bottle, smiling and cooing at him. Harley was even making eye contact with his uncle, Liam was quietly singing something to him. I don't really know what he was singing, but I think he was singing, 'End of May' by Michael Buble. That's his favorite song, you know why? Because our mother use to sing that everyday to him before bed. It didn't take long for Harley to let out his adorable newborn smile after Liam pulls away the empty baby bottle from his mouth. Liam just smiles, laying him on his shoulder as he gently pats his back to burp him while still he sings to him. I smiled at the two bonding, no need to ruin a uncle and nephew moment. I turn around, back to Danielle's and Zayn's fuss about the tv. No matter how much shit I put Liam through these past two years, all I know is that........

He's always there.


Harry POV

"Oh, you like being with daddy, don't you?" Selena cooed at our son, he was very bright. I have never seen a newborn make so much eye contact and smile so much. Well, he doesn't actually smile a lot, but he smiles more than a newborn regularly smiles. I held him in my arms, close to my chest as I was just looking at the features he has. Everyone was right, he looks exactly like me, no doubt for sure. He looked at me with his wide bright green eyes, he was in full concentration, as he was gurgling and moving his little arms while kicking his little feet out as well.
"I still can't believe your here with us, finally" I whispered to him, as he responded back with a gurgle. I chuckled as I look at Selena, she smiles and lays her chin on my shoulder as we look back down at our son.
"So, how's he been lately?"
"Fine, crying and pooping like all newborns do"
"That's great, I can't wait till you two move in with me"
"I know, I just hate having to bring Harley, back and forth from my home to yours. Moving in will be great, I'll just have talk to Liam about it though, see what he thinks"
"I know" I smiled, but was soon wiped off my face when I heard whimpering, looking down at green eyed baby boy who kicking his feet and pushing his little hands on my chest.
"What's the matter?" I cooed, slowly rocking him back and forth, trying to calm him but it wasn't working.
"Maybe he's hungry?"
"I just fed him before we got here, I even changed his diaper" Selena said, gently wiping a little drool from his mouth with his bib.
"He might be tired"
"But rocking him isn't working" I said, standing up from the couch as I walk around, still rocking Harley who was crying even more. I don't know what to do, I'm new at this.
"What do we do?" I asked Selena over Harley's cries. She bites her bottom lip, tapping her hand on her lap as she starts to think. She looks at me after a good ole, five minutes of thinking and then looks at me.
"Well Liam sings to him, it always calms him down whenever he cries this much" she said, as I walk over to the couch and sit down again, carefully holding up a whimpering Harley to my face as I kissed his cheek.
"Oh, then what should I sing to you bud?" I asked, carrying him back in my arms as I look down at him.
"Anything slow, smoothing I guess" Selena tells me, running her fingers through my curls as I smirked at her.
"This is just a random song, but I hope it'll work out"
"Okay, let's hear it"
"It's dedicated to you, because I know you always think this way of me" I winked, smirking mischievously as she furrows her eyebrows confusedly, nodding as looks at me.

"I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock, your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock, your peacock
I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock, your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock, your peacock-"

"HARRY! Not in front of Harley, you dirty minded freak!" she gasped, slapping my arm as I chuckled but quickly stopped as I remember that Harley was still whimpering his eyes out as his cries were getting louder and louder.
"Okay, for real this time. What do I sing?"
"I don't know, anything"
"Fine" ha, I have a song to sing.
"This is for both my miracles" I smiled at Harley and Selena as she smirks, letting out a blush. Adorable. I sit up as I look down at Harley, and let my singing take over.

"I was a quick-wet boy, diving too deep for coins
All of your straight blind eyes wide on my plastic toys
Then when the cops closed the fair, I cut my long baby hair
Stole me a dog-eared map and called for you everywhere

Have I found you
Flightless bird, jealous, weeping or lost you, american mouth
Big bill looming

Now I'm a fat house cat
Nursing my sore blunt tongue
Watching the warm poison rats curl through the wide white fence cracks
Pissing on magazine photos
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold
And clean blood of Christ mountain stream

Have I found you
Flightless bird, grounded, bleeding or lost you, american mouth
Big bill stuck going down"

As I finished singing, I see that Harley was now asleep, cuddled into my arms. Then, he let's out a small smile, I just smiled at him, he was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't believe I made someone as gentle and bright as him. I was proud to be his father.
"Why'd you stop?" Selena smirked, laying her chin on my shoulder as I chuckled, turning my head over as I pecked her lips before looking at our son, sleeping peacefully.

I wouldn't change or trade this life for anything in the world.


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Song: 'Flightless Bird American Mouth' - Iron & Wine

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