Half A Heart Without You

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~Autumn's POV~

I sighed as I just laid in my bed in my lonely flat. Her and Niall had been broken up for about 3 weeks and it still hurt badly. I haven't talked to him once but she's been talking to the lads and hanging out with them a little bit. They had told me that he hasn't been doing much better than me and I've been a train wreck. Just every time I see the lads I almost cry remembering all the times me, Niall, and them had hung out.

My best friend Yuki had been talking to Niall and comforting him and me. I can't stand it I just feel so empty inside. I just laid in my bed cuddling into one of his d sweaters when I heard the front door open. I had given my key to Yuki and one of the lads so I wouldn't have to get up to get the door.

I just sighed laying there. I haven't been able to eat food for a week. I started off eating junk food and ice cream then slowly stopped all together. I buried my face in my pillow as I heard a knock on my bedroom door and I groaned.

I heard the person come in and sit down by my back. "Come on Autumn it's been three weeks since you've left this house! Just come out with me to help her your mind off it." Yuki said.

I just groaned in response. I didn't want to do anything I just wanted Niall back.

I sighed "Please! But go take a shower first. It'll make you feel better." She said.

I sighed, "Fine." I got up still holding the sweater and went into the bathroom and set it down. I looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked absolutely horrendous. I still haven't taken my make up off since the breakup. And my hair was all messy. My hazel eyes were red and puffy from crying. I sighed as I turned on the shower and undressed. I got in when the temperature was warm enough. I just let the hot water run down my body. I had to admit it felt pretty good. I washed my hair for the first time in awhile. I hadn't done anything really since the break up. I washed off my body with my soap and a cloth. I rinsed off before turning off the water.

I dried myself off before putting on what I had on before. I took off the makeup and I brushed my hair. I put on a little bit of new makeup on before drying her hair and straightening it. She grabbed the sweater and walked out and back into her bedroom.

Yuki smiled at her "now let's go!" She took the sweater and put it on the bed before taking her hand and dragging her out of the house. I got into the passenger seat of her car and side looking out the window. She quickly drove me to wherever we were going.

~Niall's POV~

I groaned as I heard the front door of my flat open. I've just been laying on the couch and just sulking around on the couch sometimes crying. Sometimes watching a little tv. I sighed as I saw the lads around me.

"Come on mate you have to get out of the house!" Louis said.

I just groaned in response.

They sighed pulling my up and I tried to fight them but they all pulled me out into the car and sat me down. I sighed and looked at them.

"Where are we going?" I asked a little annoyed.

"We're going out somewhere." Louis said and started to drive.

I sighed as they drove me to the mall I whimpered slightly seeing it. Autumn and I used to go to the mall all the time. I sighed as they dragged me out and took me inside. They walked inside with me and I looked around the mall I hesitantly walked with them. We went into one of my favorite stories but Autumn liked to go there too... It was one of those stories with boys and girls clothes. I sighed and walked in with them. I was walking around looking about and not really paying attention to where I was going. After a little while I bumped into someone

"Oh sorry.." I said and looked up at who I bumped into and froze immediately. I couldn't believe who I saw.

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