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   Saturdays to Stephanie meant two days without her mother. Her mom was out being the usual whore she is; shacking up with as many guys in two days as possible.

   Stephanie looked at her wrists, halfway up her arms were covered in scars and fresh cuts. Her thighs were covered in even more cuts and scars. Autumn always tried getting her into shorts, but Stephanie always turned it down for specific reasons Autumn doesn't know.

   Stephanie has battled suicide thoughts for over four years now. She started cutting at age 13, the day after her father died. Stephanie and her father were very close. They did everything together; went to the park, played together, cuddled. Everything. She missed him so much. He died of committing suicide... Took a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Stephanie's mother blames his death on her. That's why she beats Steph.

   Every Wednesday Stephanie goes to the cemetery to visit her father. She tells him about how life is going, says she loves him and misses him and that she'll see him soon. She even tells her dad about Autumn! Says how beautiful she is, how loving she is. He would've liked her. Even if his daughter was lesbian; he would still love her to death.

   "I love you my little bunny rabbit," her father always said.

   God she missed him.

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