chapter 3

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Billy's pov:

the way she laughs, the way she talks the way she chews on her lip when she's concentrating or in deep thought. but just her in general is amazing. Too bad she isn't my mate.. I'd love to have her as my mate. I looked over at my clock it said 4:30.

well I better leave to go get Athena and her cousin. Her cousin's name is Taylor and I haven't seen her since she was almost 16 and now she's 18 I'm 19. Athena was so happy that she was coming up here and asked if she could come tonight to the party even though she knew I would say yes.

By the time I got to her house they both were outside and I smelled this amazing scent that smelled like the beach. yes the beach...just deal with it... I looked up and locked eyes with Taylor and it seemed like Taylor sensed it too.. but how? she's only human.. unless she is part wolf or was turned vamp...

my thoughts where interrupted when Athena opened my door and pulled me out of the car.

"now Billy get in the back Taylor you in da front."

I got up grumbling and got in the back.

I grumbled about how I shouldn't have agreed to let her drive. but as soon as my door shut Athena pulled away from the side of the road and sped following the GPS, and I was so concerned about not dying or throwing up...IN MY CAR!! that I didn't realize the vampire scent.

before the question could come out we had stopped and I was out of the car on the ground puking, and they both got out of the car and the vamp smell wasn't as strong. but it smelt like a lingering vamp smell like someone was around one.

Seth's pov:

I was just finishing getting ready when I heard tires screeching pulling into the drive way and I looked out to see Billy's mustang. I was downstairs and outside in the blink of an eye, ready to yell at Billy.

But instead I saw Billy open the back door and fall out puking while a red headed girl getting out of the car laughing at Billy. while another girl got out of the car laughing. She looked at me with love and passion. But I smelt human on her. I can't be mated to human mate. it just can't work.

"MATE MATE MATE" my wolf screamed anyway.

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