- - -

Jacob P.O.V

 "Hello?" I responded to the caller as I laid in my bed. It was Saturday and a bright beautiful morning. The sun was shinning through my bedroom window and you could hear birds singing outside. I had just been woken up from a call from someone.

"Jacob! What's up?" said the voice excitedly. 

"Rayan?" I asked with a smile forming on my face.

"Yes sir!" he laughed. "You sound asleep, did I wake you up?" he asked me, toning down his happiness.

"Yeah, but it's fine" I smirked as I sat up in my bed, squinting from the bright sun coming in from my room. "Why do you sound so happy?" I asked him.

"Why you sound so manly?" he laughed.

"I just woke up, my voice always sounds like this" I laughed at him. "Now tell me why you're so happy" I added.

"Well" he started. "The nurse came into my room, telling me I was able to leave" he said, excited.


"Yup, the doctor said I was doing pretty good in therapy. I can bend my legs with no problems, I'm not liming or hunching over anymore and all that good stuff" he told me. If I could see him right now I knew he'd be smiling.

"Wow, that's great! I'm really glad for you. You'll have to come by later" I told him falling back into my bed, looking up.

"Sounds like a plan, I'll be over there later tonight" Rayan told me. "Yo, lemme let you go, the doctors are coming back in" he quickly said.

"Alright, bye"

"Peace" Rayan said then clicked the phone off. I took my phone from my ear and hung it up. I sat it on the dresser next to me and smiled.

Everything, and I mean everything was going right.

Rayan was getting out of the hospital, I've finally fixed the problems between my mom and I, Rayan and I FINALLY began writing out story and last but not least, I haven't had any panic attacks lately.

I've learned to control myself if I'm ever but into a tuff or hard situation. So far nothing bad has happened, if something does happen...I'll learn how to control it.

I sat up and bed, biting my bottom lip, thinking about what I could do today. "Mhmmm..." is said to myself. I turned over back to my bedside, grabbing my cellphone. "Did I wake you up?...Gooood, goood, can you be over here in about 30 minutes ? I need to pick up somethings...great see you then" I spoke into the phone. I clicked end and jumped out of bed, excited to start my day.

- - -

Rayan P.O.V

"Oh really? You need my help now? Not too long ago you wanted me gone forever, now you're asking me to come back. You're a weird guy, you know that?" laughed Noah as looked Tyrese up and down.

"Look, you're the strongest guy I know..and I have had experience with your strength" Tyrese said with his voice getting lower. Noah, with his arms now folded across his chest, laughed. "Yeah, you have...but make you think I want to help you train for a stupid boxing game?" he questioned with a smirk.

 I read over the small part of the newest chapter of Jacob and I new book, "N & T"..well, we're still figuring out names since out title suck so far.

I sat outside of the hospital, waiting for the little lovebirds to come pick me up since I was FINALLY able to leave. To past time, why not write a little.

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