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Akihiro leads you across the path to Hiroshi's meadow but accidentally stumbles upon Okami's cave. "Oh dear, I deemed to have gotten lost." He laughs happily but your face pales because you stumbled upon a wolf's cave and you don't know your way back. As you were about to whine at  Akihiro for getting you two lost, a dark growling echoed form the cave. Your body becomes tense and you feel as if you can't move as the growling gets louder and closer. Akihiro just smiles at it though and soon a huge white furred wolf with blazing blue eyes comes out of the cave staring at you. " Hello Okami." Akihiro chuckles softly and smiles at him. The Wolf looks at him and suddenly a bright blue light flashes off of him and he changes to his human neko form. His had light brown hair and fluffy light red wolf ears and tail. His eyes still a blazing blue and he slowly nods. " Hello Akihiro. " He states then looks at you, examining you greatly. " Hello. " He says to you and Akihiro pats his head. Okami's tail sways softly but his face stays unreadable. " Play with our guest for a bit won't you okami?" Akihiro smiles softly looking at him and he nods silently. After that Akihiro leaves you alone with the wolf neko Okami who doesn't seem to like you much.

Name: Okami

Age: secret but changes it.

Type: Wolf neko

Master: Red

Personality: Calm, Collected, steady, bold, fun, cute, sweet, distant at times, playful,loving.

Facts: A kid at heart, Loves to play, very protective, if he nuzzles you alot he likes you, if he licks you it does mean he's in love with you.

Relationship : @The_Twins "Adriana, she's my girlfriend so back off." Okami growls at you softly before accidentally blushing at the thought of his girlfriend.

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