Chapter 2: badboys in my garage

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Hey guys da nxt chapter


"Hey darling how was your first day?"asked my dad as i hugged him

"Great! I made alot of new friends "i smiled , as Aaron came to my thought ...not my friend but enemy!

"Oh thats good to hear love"he smiled thinking about 'love' which Aaron calls which anoyyes me

Eergh! Stop thinking about Aaron you dumbass!

I thought to my self

Cheesy right?

"Hey mum"i said sitting down on the sofa , as my mum took out new furniture from brown boxes and placed them on the fireplace

"Wow thats a beautiful vase"i said looking at it

"I know right , your grandma just sent it since she couldnt come"said mum

I nodded and trodded upstairs into my room , which was decorated the way i wanted , pink and purple walls and butterfly light all the way around my room , my bed in the middle with white bed sheets and purple butterflies, my dresser with my make up and perfumes .

Also i had my own bathroom in my room cool!

"Hey shorty"teased liam walking in

"Get out shrek!"i yelled throwing a pillow at him , as i heard him laugh out loud.

I rolled my eyes and threw my self on my bed and sighed , i was tired , soon i drifted into a sleep.


I woke up early as i looked at my time it was 8:00 , school time


I got up and ran in the bathroom and freshend up and changed into my skinny jeans and my peach vest top and wore my silver heels and i let my black hair straight and loose , i wore my eye liner and concealer and mascara and just dabbed on some lipgloss and ran downstairs

"Hey everyone"i cheered and walked into the kitchen as i found everyone munching on breakfast

"Good moring alex "said my mum and dad , where as my brothers made a face like usual

"Hey alex can you do me a favour "said my dad

"Yeah "i agreed

"Can you hand out these leaflets to the guys in your school please about our new garage opening "smiled my dad excitedly

"Yeah sure "i agreed and taking them of him

"Thank you dear" smiled my dad

At collage i walked in with amy

"Hey what are those?"asked amy and emma who i was at break with

"Oh my dads garage leaflets , oh thanks for reminding me i better go hand them out"i smiled waving goodbye and up to the

gang of guys

"Hey guys "i smiled and walked up to them

The guys looked up at me and smirked

"Hey "they replied

"My dad opening a new garage so if your car or bikes have a break down please make sure to come to my dads garage hes a engineer"i smiled handing them the leaflets

"Thanks "they smiled , i gasped so easy , thought they would say something to me .

I saw Aaron leaning agaisnt a car with a girl in his arms , it wasnt chloe , it was another girl , i rolled my eyes ...he was such a dog! I felt like slapping him across the face , he such a heart braker .

I rolled my eyes when he smirked at me , i walked passed him and ignored him

I walked into collage and walked down the hallway looking for amy and the girls

Suddenly i felt a hand grip me by the wrist as i turned around to meet those gorgeous hazel eyes

"Hey cupcake! Missing me out heh!"he smirked , i let go of his grip

"Dont touch me!"i shrieked

"I dont want to "he smirked rolling his eyes

"Good"i smiled sarcastically

"Weres my leaflet"he said leaning against the lockers

"There finshed sorry"i faked a smile , as i hid the rest of the leaflets behind me

"Well i'll just take them myself"he smirked walking closer to me as he reached out his hand

"Aaron!"i yelled and quickly ran away bumping into some girl

"Hey alex whats wrong? Why do you look scared"amy asked holding onto my arms

"Oh sorry , i was looking for you everywere"i said moving my hair from my face

"Oh i went to toilets sorry should of informed you"she said as we walked into class

"Its ok "i smiled

"Oh i forgot to tell you , on sunday theres a party one of the guys mike he invited us all , come"pleaded amy

"Oh i dont know"i said shaking my head

"Please come on it will be our first party together"pleaded amy

"Fine"i agreed

Cant win against this girl!

"Thanks"she smiled hugging me


The next morning i woke up to a beauiful saturday morning as i got out of bed and changed into a white floral dress and i curled my hair and wore my white high heels

"Hey alex call liam for me please he's with your dad in the garage"said my mum

I nodded and walked out to the garage

"Dad! Liam!"i yelled , there was a car and the bonnet was open , and someone was there , i walked closer to that person as i looked to see him standing there

My eyes opened wide in amusment!

What in the world , how the hell did he get here?

That same devlish and HOT smirk was plasterd onto his face which i could just slap off ...


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