Carl Grimes imagine

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Carl Grimes imagine

It was another hot day in Atlanta and it didn't help that you had been walking since early this morning. You were looking for shelter and food of any kind. You hadn't eaten in three days.

You were walking in a neighborhood when all of a sudden you heard a gun shot then another one and another one. You ran to were you heard the shots and there there was a boy who looked to be your age.

He stood up from being under a pile of walkers and threw up. One of the walkers on the pile started to move and you shot it in the head. The boy whipped his head around and looked at you, shock in his eyes.

You started to walk away thinking, how can this boy help me when you heard him shouting at you "hey! Hey wait up" he said.

"What" you asked turning around.

"Why'd you shoot that walker, it was already dead?" he said.

"one of them was moving so I shot it" you said turning around starting to walk again.

"wait" the boy said grabbing your elbow.

You turned around looking at him. "Do you have a group" he asked.

"Why do you care" you ask.

He looked at you annoyed " I was just wondering so if you didn't have one if you wanted to come with me back to mine" he said.

You looked at him for a minute. "No. I don't have a group" you say.

"Do you want to join mine" he asked.

"Sure" you say.

"Follow me" he says walking in the direction of one of the houses.

"What's your name" he asked "Y/N" you said.

"Carl" he says.

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