so we can learn to love again

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Liams Pov

Im really actually geting tired of shopia shes just annoying I can really tell shes using me and im tired of it she never wanted me before and im just a lozer for not realizing that but I have one goal I need to get my dany back sophia isnt right for me

Nialls POV

I walked into Liams room so he can make me food since everyone else left for some reason besides Zayn Liam and I and I didnt wanna wake up Zayn because he might get mad so then I went to Liam and he looked like something was bothering him "Liam my bro whats wrong" "I dont feel.right with Sophia shes really kinda mean to the fans" "ok this is really about Dani isnt it" "yeah i guess i really still love her" "break up with Sophia take a break" "good idea thanks Niall"

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