Impressions : A Jaden Smith love story

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Chapter 1: CLass 8 P

Shaniqua's P.O.V

I look up at the clock and it is 3:00pm, only thirty more minutes , come on come on, I thought as the clock hands were taking for ever to move. Yes you guessed correct I am at this hell hole they call school! But it's not that bad Cus I am in the same form as my two besties Vicky Thompson and Tiffany Blue. They are great, we have known each other all of our lives I mean literally. Our mums used to work together and were really good friends then we were born and  ever since we have been besties.

Tiffany is freaking mental I mean once in year 6 she flashed to a substitute teacher she fancied then got excluded. That girl is a legend! But Vicky on the other hand is kind of a neat freak and is always so organised. She once offered to clean the whole school. The head thought she had a couple of screws loose and sent her to the schools psychiatrist.That was hilarious!!


Mr Wright: Shaniqua Melvin, Shaniqua Melvin ?SHANIQUA MELVIN!

Me: Uh Yes sir

Mr Wright: Can you tell me what time you finish school?

Why the hell is he asking me a stupid question?

Me: Uh half three???

He then looked at my desk and noticed it was clear. Oh shit while I was day dreaming I packed away my books and stuff.

Mr Wright: So can you tell me why your book, pencil case and planner is packed away?

Me: oh sorry sir

The school bell ring

Mr Wright: (to the whole class) so can you all please complete the table for homework. See you next week

Me: what the fuck ? Sir what was the point in me unpacking my stuff when u knew we only had two minutes left of lesson and school??

Mr Wright: well first miss Melvin curb you're language and second you shouldn't of packed away in the first place!

Me: well sorry Philip!! it is past school hours and it was a mistake! Everyone makes mistakes even your mother for calling you Philip!!

I heard chattering from near the door. I looked over my shoulder to find vicks and tiff looking through the window with the door a jar open I smirked and turned back to Mr Wright

Mr Wright: Well excuse me young lady!! It may be the end of school hours but the head is still in her office!!

Oh Shit oh Shit !! I didn't think this through. I turned around to vicks and tiff and gave them the "help me " face. I knew I was saved Cus tiff had that "lightbulb" face.

Tiffany: uh shaniqua your mums at the office and is quite angry because she said you were supposed to be out ten minutes ago .

Great idea. I know sir is terrified of my mum from parents evening.

Mr Wright: (hesitating) uh y..yes go ahead. We don't want Mrs Melvin to be kept waiting do we?

Me: no sir we don't(smirking)

We walked out of the classroom and I hugged Tiffany

Me: thanks babe what  would I do without you?

Vicky: OMFG shaniqua are you insane? You could of got in deep shit!

Me and tiff looked at vicks and burst out laughing.Vicky never swears and the way she did was hilarious!!

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