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Nirvana by Sam Smith


My hands stayed in his curly hair as his held me closer to him.  

If that was even possible.

My tongue ran over is lip then I gently bit down pulling as my hands tighten in his hair.

He growled sending shivers up my spine as the room was filled with this aura making the desire for each other more crucial.

My body was on fire.

"I need you" he moaned out.

He quickly picked me up placing me on the bed as he attacked my neck.

"I need you" he begged as he sucked on my neck then going to my chest. He pulled my shirt down exposing my shoulder and bit down causing me to whimper in pain but more pleasure.

"I need to have you. I need to be buried deep inside of you" he moaned desperately waiting for my response.

I bit my lip nodding and sat up pulling his shirt off before he pushed me down again.

Wasting no time, my shirt was ripped open with my bra and his eyes ran over my body. He unbuckled my jeans pulling them and my panties down quickly removing my shoes and them.

He sat back studying me causing me to feel a little self conscious but I didn't move to cover myself.

"Youre dangerously beautiful to me" he whispered kissing my stomach as his hands ran up to my breast gently squeezing them.

He continued going down as his hands gripped my thighs.

"Wait no yo-" "Shh... I'm going to worship every inch of your body" he whispered seductively while looking up at me in lust before continuing down.

My eyes instantly rolled back and closed and his tongue ran over my folds.

I whimpered trying to control myself as he ran over my heated core over and over.

I bit my lip as my hands ran down to touch his curls as his tongue kept running over the bundle of nerves.

I was ready to hit my peak within a matter of seconds of him touching me but suddenly he stopped.

My eyes opened as he pulled away taking his shoes. jeans and boxers off watching me.

He got between my legs pressing his lips back to mine as his hard member rubbed against my core causing us to moan in the kiss.

My hand ran down the tight space between our bodies gently holding him my hand and he tensed closing his eyes.

Once I placed him, he locked eyes with me.

"Say it" he demanded pushing in. He leaned against my head as we both moaned out at the sudden pleasure.

"I love you" I moaned out as he pulled back a bit then pushed back in.

He started at a good pace moving as one of his hands held my head while he pushed his tongue past my lips.

Hearing his moans were pushing my closer and closer to the edge.

"I love you Nacole. You don't understand how you make feel" he whispered against my lips moaning.

I cried out in pleasure as he pushed in deeper completely filling my up and overwhelming me with pleasure.

One of my hands clawed down his back as I moaned out his name while he continued rocking into me.

"I love knowing im the only ones who has had you"

"And you will be the only one" I whispered in his ear knowing it would make him feel even better.

It was true though, no one would have me besides him.

He moaned out grabbing my legs putting them on his shoulders and started to move again but this time hard making me grip his arms tightly.

I opened my eyes just to watch this god like man lose control and give himself to the pleasure. He bit his lip as the veins came out of his neck as I clenched trying to keep my eyes open.

I jumped a bit as he lifted me off the bed pushing me down onto him harder and quicker than before.

I leaned on him moaning ready to lose myself and three words was all it took.

"Cum for me" he demanded.

I screamed out in pleasure as my whole body started convulsing and I tightened up gasping for air.

I leaned against him wrapping my arms around his neck as he continued rocking his hips pushing into me.

"I love you" we both whispered at the same time and we laughed as i pushed him back so I could straddle him.

I moved my hips as I kissed him hearing him moan out louder.

He was close.

His finger dug into my skin as I moved faster as he finally opened his eyes.

I loved the way he looked at me at that very moment.

Lust, amazement, and most importantly, love.

He grabbed me head roughly as he tensed up

"I love you... It will only be you"


**** Hey guys! We only have a few chapters left of this story :/ Thank you for your support. I  honestly appreciate it all. On to some good news, I should be able to update tuesday!

Also, I'm writing another story and I really do like it but its not a vampire story. Its a high school/ college story. Of course it will be filled with love, hate, drama, crying, death, just a lot of craziness but I really love it so Imight post it after this one, still in thought though!

Have a great day guys, Love you!!!

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