Chapter 15

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I woke up with Taylor's arms wrapped around me. I tried to wiggle and squirm out of his grip. Every time I moved he tightened his grip.

"Taylor! Come on I have to go meet up with someone for breakfast." I say still trying to weasel out of his arms. "Who, Emmette?" He says with distaste. "Yup now please let go!" I say. I roll over so I'm facing him and start to poke his face. He smiles and finally lets go. I hop up and go to the bathroom. Once I'm done in there I change into white skinny capris and a blue long sleeved crop top. I add one of Taylor's blue bandanas and white Vans. Just as I'm about to leave I go to tell Taylor. Of course he fell back asleep. I didn't want to walk over to him so I just woke up Matt.

"Matipoo? Tell Taylor I'm at breakfast." I whisper to him. He just nods his head and rolls back over. I shake my head and walk out. I walk over to Nash and Hayes' room to check on Bree. When I got there I opened the door really quietly. Inside Hayes and Bree were talking and Nash was nowhere to be seen. As I started to walk in someone from the bathroom grabbed my arm and dragged me in. "Sh it's me, I am spying on them." Nash whispered. I nodded and stuck my head a little out the door like Nash.

"Look I just want you to yah know um know that I sorta like you. Your funny and cute. Soo um," Hayes was saying while turning red. I rolled my eyes and said, "To-to today junior!" Hayes' and Bree's heads snapped up and caught me and Nash stalking. Bree turned red and Hayes rolled his eyes. "Fine, Bree will you go out with me?" He asked. Me and Nash cheer just to make the moment awkward. Bree says yes and they hug. Quickly I whip out my phone and take a picture. "Addi delete that! I look terrible right now!" Bree yells from her hug. Hayes pulls away and says, "No I think you look beautiful." She blushes and me and Nash pretend to throw up. "Is there a reason your here?" Bree asks me. "Just came to check in on you." I say putting my hands up in defense. As I head to the door I get a text.

Emmette🐳- It's 9:58! you have exactly 2 minutes to be here missy!

Addi💁- Yah yah I know I'll be there on time, positive!

Emmette🐳- mhhm you better be

Addi💁- I'm here and where are you?

Emmette🐳- 😂 In the elevator

Addi💁- wow you were rushing me!

I look up from my phone and Emmette is racing towards me. I start to laugh and check the time. He is right on time. "You got lucky mister!" I say pointing my finger at his face. He rolls his eyes and plops down. We talk and eat for what feels like minutes but is actually an hour. "Oh crap, Taylor is gonna flip. I gotta go, thanks for having breakfast with me!" I say getting up from the table. "Hey what are best friends for?" Emmette says coming next to me. "Did you just put the 'best' before the 'friend'?" I ask copying the vine. "I did, I did." Emmette says. We both start to laugh really loud earning a few disapproving looks.

I open the door to our room and, its empty? Thats strange. I look around and check my phone. 1 text from Taylor😎- MAGCON DUMBASS!

Ermagerd I completely forgot! I race downstairs and run to where Magcon is being held. Sure a cab would've been more convenient but it's too late now. This is going to be one awkward entrance.

Two updates in a row! I know, that's weird. But there is someone (Bree) that's just soo impatient so I updated again. Hey I think this is my first authors note! Whatever I won't do this whole author note thing a lot.

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