No Regret

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It that time of year were ever one is testing for the end of the year! All 6th graders were going to the sand pits to celebrate the end of the year🎉! But I really didn't want to go,but I felt pretty bad cuz my best friend invited me(Raquel). So I went I had a awesome time till "HE" came in. I was nerves..."oh look who came in" said Raquel his name was Alex and Raquel was the only one that new I like him! I was all chill till he came up to me! "Hey Sandra" Alex said "hey what you doing here?" "Just chilling and I came to say you look beautiful today"! He walk of and I was so shocked! Raquel came up to me and said "what he say?" I told her ,she was as shocked as me! My mom called me she said "hey it time i going to come and pick u up" I was sad cuz I was actually have a good time, but what ever. Before I left I stared to say bye to all my friends and all of a sudden if felt something coming from behind me, it was Alex he got me from be hide and huge me and kiss me in the cheek and said"were you going to leave😻 with out saying good bye"! I just stared thinking this was just a dream,the problem was that it wasn't ! He turn me around and kiss me in the lips! You took your lips of him and he told you "I love you more then you love your self " right there I new that all this WASNT a dream!! He pick me up and said " I love you" as he kissed your lip! You ran of and got in the car,Raquel was going to sleep over so she came with you ! You to Stayed quiet for the whole way home! When you to got home you to ran to your room! "What was that" said Raquel " I don't know he came up to me " I few minutes passed then a big group of guys came but the we're going to the house next door. Time passed it was 12 by the time you check the clock, then a knock at your went to go look and it was ....Alex, "what are you doing here " I said "to come and look at you and your beautiful smile" he came in and grab you and kiss you aging you push him saying "why are you doing this"I like you and I can't stand seeing you stand there with out me holding you hand!" " you look so perfect standing there!" He kiss me aging and this time you do nothing to stop him. You three sit down and he sites down and grabs you and push you into him you two lay down and at the end of the night you fall asleep on his chest!😍😘❤️

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